Is FAS a Real Thing?

I do not know what to call it but feel that Forum Access Syndrome like GAS may also be a real thing.

I know for me, I spend a lot of time on the Bass Buzz forums.
Maybe more than I should as it really can cut into practice time.

My fear is that I will miss a valuable nugget of information from @howard @Gio @terb and so many others that I just have to keep coming back.

I am not new to the music world but it amazes me how many things related to the Bass only relate to the Bass, which I started only 2 months ago. Things I feel are very important would include How to hold the Bass for good technique and how to lessen the chance of hand injuries and, the role of the Bass in a band just to name a few.

I do not suffer from GAS as I have all of the guitars that I could ever want, and have never sold one, but I have to say that when I stated the Bass journey several months ago and purchased a Yamaha TRBX304 I very quickly decided it should have been a TRBX504 and ordered it and the plan was to sell off the TRBX304 which I had only used for two weeks before the 504 arrived. I still cannot bring myself to sell the 304 and I do not know why. When I try to sell it thoughts such as if I sell the 304 what if the 504 has a problem what will I play for a Bass and so it goes. Maybe this is a form of GAS but having said that I will say that regardless of the price I do not long for another Bass of any description regardless of price. I love my Yamaha TRBX504 and try to play it every day.
I say try because a lot of the time I go onto the Bass Buzz forum and the next thing you know several hours have gone by and the family wants me to spend some time with them. Unfortunately they have no musical interests at all aside from listening.

I would like to know if others also suffer from FAS or whether its just me and whether Forum Access Syndrome could be a real thing.


I’m here (in and out) pretty much all day long. It’s usually during a break from practice, while I’m eating (yes I have a laptop on my table), or in conjunction with watching YouTube videos, TalkingBass lessons, checking email, etc. I don’t feel that it interferes with my practice time or really anything else in my life.
Now, the Discord chat room, that’s a different story. I try to stay away from that place.


Yes, glad you gave it a name, but I think I suffer from FAS as well. For me, it is a part of sitting down just to “check email,” then checking BassBuzz, another forum I’ve been in for years, and several news sites; then, following links, looking at videos, and the next thing you know, too much time has passed. Must do other things, such as PRACTICE BASS!

I do have a general set time to practice, so at least that is good. And, I just did some housework. So it’s not all-encompassing, but worse some days than others.


Yes FAS is real. I recently had to go cold turkey on the forum and the Discord chat for a week… The community on here is so great, and it is great to be part of it. I love to contribute to the community where I can, and there is so much information and support on here for all aspects of bass and life.

But I’m only on here cause I want to learn bass, so it is important to have some time actually using the thing every day!


It is; it’s called MBD. You should come over to the MBD support group:



Thank you for mentioning that.
I forgot all about the Discord chat room.



Oh great, now I have to be concerned with MBD. :slightly_smiling_face:

Think my issue with selling the 304 is more of a feeling that it may offend my 504.
I’ll have to talk to him about this. :rofl:

Amazing how we start to think of our instruments as animate objects and members of the family. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

I wonder if there is an approved vaccine for these afflictions?


There is. It’s called CCL (Credit Card Limits) …


Damn Sweetwater no interest for years credit card!

Thank goodness for CCLs


Yeah, ever since I started B2B and joined Bass Buzz forum a little over a year ago, Anytime I am not in Detox, a hospital bed, or Federal Prison cell, I am around the forum. If I go a day, nobody needs worry, two, a little sketchy, three, yeah, something is going wrong with me. Such was the case last week.
But for sure, FAS is a real thing




Yes. Absolutely real. Can confirm.


As long as your name does not show up on this page you’re fine :slight_smile:


Well congrats to @PamPurrs, then - the list shows she just made it (13 hours ago at this writing)!

I fear I’m on track for that list myself, but have a long way to go.


How did I know even before looking :slight_smile:


How am I not on there? I must have missed a day somewhere.


@eric.kiser you were gone for awhile because of computer issues recently.


I’m working hard to get there. Just hoping I didn’t forget to check in every day :sweat_smile:


@PamPurrs stands and addresses the room: “Hi my name is Pam and I’m a Funky Forum Junkie”


I would have expected both of us would have made it long before then.

I’ve seen other issues with the forum missing on handing out badges earned.

:rofl: :joy: :rofl: