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Oh no… I hope I didn’t infect you with my sloppy improv Josh…



That made me laugh somewhat hysterically. :crazy_face: Joe is right though. Some of those chords added a lovely texture. But, yeah, what Gio said…


Put a quick beat together on my Novation circuit synth, and then added the little bass line myself and recorded it live, It’s nothing special… but hey… I’m only on week 2, and it gave me a chance for a little practice, improve, keeping up with the beat and strumming properly.

Will be fun to check back on my progress a few months from now… and see how my skills have improved. I know the levels are off, I didn’t take the time to fully master the levels in my DAW, since it was just a quick little thing.


Never stop doing these quick little things! In my experience, the practice of doing these, the things you learn, try, and figure out are invaluable. More of this, I say!


OK, in the spirit of @Gio’s original C minor vamp, I put together a chord sequence to let you try out your own bassline(s) over more than one chord.

It is an eight bar sequence (repeated four times) and it is in D major. All chords in the sequence are diatonic to D major. The keyboard is really just putting down the chords, no added rhythmical complexity there, so you can just play along with the drums (I think it is “Kyle” from GarageBand :smile:) The drums are “funky” and the tempo is 80 bpm.

The chord sequence is: Dmaj7 - F#-7 - Gmaj7 - A7 - B-7 - F#-7 - Gmaj7 - A7
Or, in Nashville numbers (to see the relation more easily): I - iii - IV - V - vi - iii - IV - V
I hope these notations make sense to you (remember, the little “-” indicates a minor chord)

Have fun exploring! I’ll post my own bassline in a week or so…


I’m in !

great track by the way, I already have a ton of ideas :sweat_smile:


Cool - looking forward to it!

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@joergkutter - This is killllllller! Thanks for posting it. If I can grab a minute, I’ll try and jump in there… but what really needs to happen here is a @JoshFossgreen™ signature solo.


Looking forward to it, @Gio!

But, yes, good idea - if people rather want to solo on it instead of trying a bassline, that’s cool too! Actually, I have recorded my own bassline already (will post later), and maybe I should try and see whether I could somehow solo on top of the whole thing… ha, new project!!

+1 :grin: I am sure @JoshFossgreen could slap the Flea out of this one!


I’m in too! Just gotta catch up on reading the forums threads here first. I stay away just a few days, and tons of new topics open up when I come back! Missed my fellow bass junkies :slight_smile:


Ack! I am trying to download it, but can’t seem to find a download link from your SoundCloud page. Am I missing something? On that first track @Gio made, there is a little download icon, but no one else’s SoundCloud posts show this little icon.

If for some reason SoundCloud doesn’t let you allow downloads, you could always send the file to either @terb or I to put on our server.

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Great to hear that you are in! Please try again (maybe refresh the page!?) - I changed the settings now; should be downloadable now! Sorry!


Sweet - it’s working now, got it!

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First, thank you to @joergkutter for keeping this thread going, and for the jam track. Though that chord progression might have been intimidating just a few weeks ago, not after completing B2B. Doing these can feel like “homework”, but, I feel like it’s so worth it, as it makes you put together a ton of concepts, and is a potent practice.

I took @Gio 's advice from the first one here:

The drumbeat is mostly 1+ 3+ , so I went with that throughout. I also made sheet music for the first time, attached, as well as a blank sheet music sheet for anyone else to use.

Bars 1 & 3 were always - root-root root-root
Bar 2 is root-root 3rd-3rd in the first half, root-root 5th-5th in the second
Bar 4 is r-r-3-3-5-5-3-3 first half, r-r-3-3-5-5-b7-b7 second half

Am I on the right track here?

Still really hard for me to do! Jedi powers not at that level yet! I can’t tell you what a “D” note sounds like until I hear it first. But then I can sing the bassline I come up with, once I play it first.

Any suggestions are super appreciated! I feel pretty happy with this one, at this level. And feel way more comfortable with this process now, and progress since the last time :smile: But always room for improvement, for sure. I want to compose basslines someday!!


it sounds good @Vik ! to me that’s a very efficient and well played bass line

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So, here is my attempt ! far from perfect but I really liked playing on this track, thank you @joergkutter !


@Vik: woohoo, awesome that you made a bassline!! And, I am especially impressed by the fact that you made sheet music!! Way to go!

Now, I think I would like to hope that @Gio will do the real in-depth reviewing; mainly, because he is a teacher, and I am (still) learning… But, maybe a few remarks:

  • Maybe you could boost the bass in the mix a bit!? It is all about the bass anyway here :smile:

  • Awesome how you stuck to the advice @Gio gave! I wish I’d do that… (see my bassline when I post it in just a little while). All the notes are from the scale, so there is that. However, it might be even better to try to “design” that fourth bar such that it leads (even more) into the next chord; and since it is sometimes the D maj 7, and sometime the B min 7 chord, different lead-ins might be required.

  • Your timing sounds great to me. Sticking to eighth notes probably helps, but that is often exactly what is needed. Still, maybe you want to make a variant of this bassline at some point and experiment a bit with slightly different rhythms. Perhaps some syncopation should also work with these drums!? (Again, when you hear mine, you see what I did and how easy it gets me in hot water, though :grin:)


Oh, wow, @terb, this is… I am speechless… this is sooooo good! Can I hire you to play the bass for me??

It has really beautiful variations in there, so melodious, and I really dig those “chords” that you put in there!!

If I hadn’t already recorded my bassline, I would have had to go back and practice some more now! (Well, I probably still have to do that). Anyway, mine is coming up now!


Thank you @joergkutter , that’s way too much compliments :relaxed:

yeah that’s a basic power chords (root + 5th) progression, very guitar-like when played in the trebly range of the bass

anyway, can’t wait to discover your own line :grin:

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OK, here is my own bassline! I am also having pretty clear ideas in my mind when listening to the chords/drums that I then, however, struggle to get out via the bass, but, hey, I guess that is how we learn…

Mine is “just” a bassline (4 times the same), not like @terb’s, which is almost a solo :grin: