Jam Tracks / Improv. Tracks - Share your bassline


I’ve made all sorts of different playalong tracks that I’ve made, and - if people are into it - I’ll try and find a way to share more of them.

This one here is for C minor Pentatonic.
C, Eb, F, G, Bb
It’s a laid back 1 chord funk jam.
It’s super fun to groove to, solo to, - whatever. Enjoy the track, I hope you get some good bass times with it annnd…
If you come up with something you like - please share it here! I’d love to hear what different brains and players do with the same backdrop!

I’ll post mine tomorrow.
Here’s the jam:

Introduce Yourself!
Introduce Yourself!

Because I said I’d do it - here is the track with bass.


That is really cool! Is it a “walking bassline” I hear that phrase all the time, I guess I really don’t know what it means. It’s 0600 and I want to get my bass out now! :crazy_face:

  • not technically a walking bassline - but the little decending line from 0:21 - 0:27 is a walk.
    The walking bassline can be identified in the wild by its 3 most recognizable features:
    1.) There is a bass note on every pulse.
    2.) It almost always accompanies a jazz rhythm section with a swing feel.
    3.) The line will have few repeats, few repeated notes, and will move and develop all over the bass spectrum.
    The walking bassline is a living, breathing, improvised organism designed to propel the rhythm, define the pulse, outline the harmony, and react to the dynamics of the other players all spontaneously. It is a wonderful and majestic beast to behold.

Here’s a fine example:


That was a very instructional video. I’m learning to play the drums at the same time I’m learning the bass. My drum instructor plays a little bass, and we’ve practiced playing both instruments together. Watching him on the bass, I could speed up or slow down as he does. My main goals as a drummer are staying in time, and getting back to the 1 on time.

Thank you for explaining the walking bass line. I’ve heard that before.

So much to learn. I dig it.


Nice, reminds me of Massive Attack a bit.

I might have to dust my recording gear down.


Um, yes please!