Jazz - P - or PJ?

I’d love some help on this topic. I’ve been enjoying learning on my Stingray 4HH and liking that humbucker vibe and the overall sound of that instrument.

But, for the past few days I’ve been learning about P and Jazz basses, the history, who played which, and enjoying listening to how they sound overall.

Now I want one. The first bass I ever had decades ago was a Squier Affinity series, P, I think, or PJ, not sure.

Having said that, I think I may want a PJ because I like them both so much and I feel like I want a bit of both worlds, but until I get my hands on a few to try out I won’t know for sure.

So what say you, which makers basses do you like or love in this category?

We can explore any brands at any level for the sake of the topic, but for the practical finacial aspect, let’s keep the budget at or below say the Fender MIM stuff.

So anything of real good value for a beginner, like the Sterling 4 is considered for example, all the way up to that MIM Fender range.

Thanks for your input!


I have a great cheap P/J…LTD B50 FM. They make a wonderful feeling and playing bass. I think you can find prime used ones for about $150-$200.

Also Vintage makes great basses at phenomenal price point. I have their Jazz bass and it uses all Wilkinson components and is in the mid $400’s.

You’ll likely get many suggestions like Squier, which is a good option.

But for the money and great build quality, tone and Roasted Maple neck, I’d suggest you check out Sire as well. (Note: The following link to Sweetwater is just for illustration/informational purposes.)

If you’re leaning towards a Jazz bass, the Sire V5 is a good choice.


There’s a ton of possibilities.

Best at the top end of the price point is a Fender Aerodyne.

Player Jaguar is also good, Fender Mustang is good in a short scale.

ESP LTD AP 204 is a solid entry, looks like a B204 in a PJ setup. B204 is one of my favorite “beginner” basses.

Yamaha has excellent BB434 and BB734 models

Schecter has Model T with EMG pickups that looks killer

These are the best ones in your budget. For a little more you might try a Charvel San Dimas. I’ve got two, and they’re very nice, and I got deals so they were both cheaper than a player, but not at list.


Sure p7 is a PJ fwiw


Yep, it is. I think the best value lies in the Sire 5 series.

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Thanks @EddieJones, I’ll check those out. :+1:

Funny, I was just watching a Marcus Miller concert on YouTube, and I remembered his MM line with Sire has gotten great reviews, at least some of the models from what I know. Definitely one of the contenders for me. Thanks!

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No doubt. For the bucks and a wealth of features, Sires are a steal.

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I’m a fan of that Aerodyne, it’s a nice looking bass, and that ESP 204 looks pretty nice. :thinking:

Can’t seem to find that Schecter Model T. I’ll look around. Thanks for the input!

For me, this is what you get from a PJ, a bit of both worlds, but not the best of either. But you do get a nice addition of tones to a P.
But know they are not straight straight Ps, close though.
They are not straight Js, and not close in my opionion.

That aside…
My absolute favorite PJs are Fender Aerodynes, built very very well.
I am partial to Japanese Aerodynes, fit and finish etc on par with American Fender.
But the MIM Aerodynes are excelelnt basses.
I have an EMG Frank Bello, mostly for looks, its not my favorite.
I had an ESP Rocco Prestia model (forget the model number) and it was great but it didn’t stay part of the heard when I started buying Aerodynes.

I do say go try and play as much as you can.
Aerodynes are generally easy to be tried at Guitar Centers.
If you are good at modding, then buy what feels and looks good to you, you can always swap electronics easily.

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This is what I’ve heard.

I really like the thick growly P sound, but also like the J sound and versatility. In the future I’d definitely have one of each, lol.

Like you said, I have to go and play around with a few to see how they feel and sound in real life as opposed to videos.

Mike D’Antonio of Killswitch Engage used to play a P, but switched to a PJ because he still got the thump of a P pickup, but the J on the bridge added a brightness that cuts through a mix very well.

And that’s a PJ in a nutshell.


That’s how I see it. I like the two options combined, at least for my ears, that combo sounds really good. I think it’s because you can get a great heavy sound but still get that top end type of clarity.

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I don’t think I would say the Aerodyne is better than the Sire or, say, the BB734A. I’d stack the BB734A up against a MIA Fender Jazz or Precision.

This is not a slight of the Aerodyne in any way; all of those are great basses.


This is another great option!


I like Pbasses, I like Jbasses, I don’t really like PJ basses; only you know what you like so I suggest you play a few of them if you can :slight_smile:

I have a player Pbass, it’s my most played bass, I couldn’t as for more from it! I have a squire Affinity jazz bass, the pickups are a bit weak, it’s pretty good for the price; I mostly use it for slap and don’t play it much right now. The classic vibe series is really good and offers great value. Sire has some nice basses too, I didn’t go with one of those because they were hard to find and I didn’t want a maple fingerboard. I have a Sire M7 5 string and it’s a great bass!


Ltd’s are really nice basses. I have one, a B-4E, and have had a B-TA204-FRX (Tom Araya signature) and B-155DX. The last was a 5 string.
If you noticed, they were all B’s. So out of all the models they do, I like the B’s
The B’s are not a P or Jazz clones and are shaped more like an Ibanez SR
LTD does make a P bass copy with P/J pickups.
Schecter makes a straight up Jazz copy. I do not know if it is offered as a P/J tho? Might just have Jazz pickups.
I am not sure if LTD makes a straight up jazz copy??


From what I’ve read, that seems to be the general sentiment on PJ’s, but there are the outliers that seem to like them. I see a trip to my local guitar shops this week.