Josh Mentioned on Talking Bass Lesson

I agree. Scott’s Bass Lessons was actually the first one I signed up for, even before I discovered BassBuzz and TalkingBass. I did the 30 day (I think) trial of his courses, and in the beginner course felt like he was always talking way over my head. I cancelled within my trial period and signed up with Josh, and then later with Mark.


Haha quite alright Pete, can’t even remember what I might have been on about in those. So many years and haircuts ago…


Mostly the difficulty in getting vegan food, I think. I don’t have a great memory but I did watch them all so they must’ve been entertaining enough.


Great to see the respect among the online teachers. I started with Mark from TalkingBass then found Josh at BuzzBass. Josh’s lessons are short, to the point, funny and full of valuable tips. Recently, I have been using Luke at BecomeABassist All have something to offer and all have different styles and personalities. As a teacher myself, I appreciate the differences and as a student, you need to be open to know what style works for you. As for Scott’s Bass Lessons, just not interested. Scott talks way too much and is more self-centered than the others. And his style of playing is just not for me. Sorry Scott, I got into bass to lay the foundation, not play Jazz solos.


Agreed, @tfioriglio . . . :slight_smile:

Well spoken!


My thoughts exactly


One advantage to multiple teachers is more than one view or technique. The flip side of that is when they advise the same you know it’s fundamental and you should take it as gospel.


I did the 30 day trial period and only bothered with it for a few days. It might be perfect for someone else but it was absolutely wrong for me.

Everything thing I came in contact with used 10 words where 1 would be more productive. Even the instructions for using the sight involved multiple postings with each one a more boring wall of text than the last one.

And he drones on… and… on… and… on…

I had already discovered BassBuzz and the difference was stifling.


Yeah I watch SBL every once in a while and it feels like all his videos are drawn out for ad revenue. Every video feels like it could be summed up in a minute. I have probably watched more than 30 of his vids, and the only thing I actually remember learning from him was how to play the major scale on the entire fretboard (which was a pretty good thing to learn I guess)

I actually really liked studybass. I started out with it, and I learned all the basics through it. I only stopped cause it was hard to navigate in a non linear motion.

I also really like luke from become a bassist, who I know was previously mentioned. I watch him when I am out of BassBuzz content lol.

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