Josh's B2B Course Lesson T-Shirts

One month ago I decided to take up playing Bass. I searched and re-searched the web for the best online bass course and, like most others here landed at BASSBUZZ. Having now reached the ‘Half-Way’ point in my B2B course (qualifying me now as either a “Half-Bad Ass” or a Bad Half-Ass" bassist, one thing that I’ve always enjoyed was the different T-Shirts that Josh wore, with most (that I can remember) being somewhat relevant to the upcoming lesson. Hey… Way cool…

Today I spent most of the day mowing the property, and I always wear the same T-Shirt to do the task. It’s pretty worn out, but it didn’t stop my wife from saying something like, “Isn’t that course you’re taking called ‘BAD ASS’ like your mowing shirt? And if so, aren’t you SUPPOSE to play well with others?”…

My response… “All the ‘Others’ are SUPPOSE to play well with ME because ‘I’ set the groove!!!”

Needing’ a new T-Shirt…


I like that shirt, @Lanny

As for myself, I’m not a slow bass player . . . and I’m not a fast bass player.

I’m a “half-fast” bass player :slight_smile:


Damnit! I want a BassBuzz shirt! Actually I want two. One in black and one in orange.

Leave a +1, like, comment or whatever to give Josh an idea of how many he could sell right out of the gate. First payday after the shirts are released, I’m in for two. I’ll need those in XXL.


I’ll take 2 - Large for me!


Yes!! And, one or two over here as well - and I’m sure from many others who’ve posted in the B2B forum about wanting one.

:tshirt: :tshirt: :tshirt: :tshirt: :tshirt: :tshirt: :tshirt: :tshirt:

Although with the first snow of the season where I live, maybe a sweatshirt option, as well as a T-shirt choice too :slight_smile:

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Two for me please, XL.


In addition to a black and orange, this color green would make a nice looking BassBuzz shirt.

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I’ll take one, size large


I’d like a t-shirt but money is tight so I’m holding out for the “Sensei Josh” hachimaki (鉢巻).


One XXXL an one S please

Orange shirts black letters
Black shirts, orange lettering.