Just Picked this Little Vox Bass Headphone Amp Up Today

So far, I like it. I hadn’t played in a week because of my body pain. Saw @JoshFossgreen ‘s YouTube review of the regular Vox headphone amp and decided to try it. GC had the model that Josh reviewed with the Bass version right next to it. Kinda unsure what to get, I picked the Bass model.

Folks at the GC price matched and I was on my way. Setup was a breeze. I had far too many adult beverages in me to read the instructions, so I fiddled with it until it worked.

Sounds good so far.

I played a little bit of Glycerin (I am new to Bass and have no idea how I even did it.), had a blast and love this little guy.

Hands hurt like hell now, but yay for me - I did it! I played for the first time in a week!

Here’s the new addition:


Thats great, I have heard pretty good things.
I have not gotten one because I use my headphones out of my iMac or my Zoom B1x-Four or my amp, or even my DarkGlass A;pha Omega Ultra.
If I ever find a need, it will be this or the NU>X that has also gotten favorable reviews by those here in Bass Buzz that have bought them.


I’m a fan of them. I have two, for some reason…


Cuz you NEED two


@T_dub I like it. I’m still new, but I think it’s good for me to use late at night. I would like to get hooked into the MacBook Pro I have from 2017. It’s only got 2 USB type ports, but I’m in the process of switching from 2 monitors to just 1 34” since I do design as well and can use that second Type C for a hub.

If I tell the missus any of this, she will end me. I’m 6’6”, but that 5’10” girl scares me when her patience runs out.


Well done @architecht13,
Any practice is good ,be it as @howard mentioned the other day.
Theory or practicing,it all helps👍
Cheers Brian


@TNKA36 thanks, buddy! I know I need to get into the lessons, but today was just shooting pucks on net to get used to things again. Hockey metaphor. Hope it made sense?


@architecht13 I love the Playstation logo light :slight_smile:


@howard It’s been a staple of this room since I set it up. It’s one of the single greatest inexpensive purchases I have ever made. :slight_smile:


You should have a headphone jack on that MacBook. Even my current one does. You just need a long enough Aux cable that you can plug into the Vox Headset amp and you can push backing tracks or you B2B lessons through there. It’s what I used when I first started…


2 is great for a backup. but 3 is a nice option incase you lend one out and need a backup. :rofl:


And 4 is good because it is an even number. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I will get 6.


I’ve had this headphone amp a couple months and really love it, while my wife is working at home this headphone amp saved the day!


I have one and it works fine. It’s nice to use when others are involved in another project and I won’t bother them. Sweetwater usually sets me up on items and the price was reasonable.


How you like the Darkglass…been eying the Microtubes 500 since the price drop.

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The darkglass is awesome, but it is a little overkill, for the price, I think you can do better with 2 pedals, unless you are thinking just to get a single pedal, not a deluxe .
For $500 (not what I paie)
I would get a SansAmp VT (great deal on one on Reverb right now, but it is not the full DI one, just the pedal, but it is like $80
and then I might get an EBS metal pedal, the green or red one, they are pretty high gain and can acheive these type of distortion, mix a little sub octave and you can make them wicket.

Another I really liked was the EBS Billy Sheehan delux pedal,
And the MXR Pre-amp / DI was in that shot out and they were my two favorited, and one of the was a microtubes pedal in that particular shoot out.

But the Billy Sheehan pedal is about $300 new, but the EBS Green and RED pedal Overdrives, I like them both alot and they can be had for about $75 on Reverb.

I also have the Plumes OD pedal from Earthquaker labs. it is a Tube Screamer, but not a direct clone, and they have some additional diodes with a toggle to select different clipping patterns, so it turnd into about 3 overdrive pedals in one.
it is highly underrated and it is relatively cheap considering it is Earthquaker, hand made in ohio, only $99

So, I think I would do some other things.
The Alpha omega ultra had Cab Sim in it and youcould add your own, but there are so many pedals that can do that now, I don’t think it is reason to get one, and it may just be better to get an IR pedal and not mix it with your other pedals.

I also have the Deluxe Bass Big Muff.

I don’t have the Darkglass anymore actually, I traded it back. I was not using it much, and like I said, lots of other stuff out there that is great and not as pricey.

I think if I were to go dark glass, i would get the suite on the computer so you could have a bunch of pedals for one combined price (with some add on’s possibly, I don’t really know, I have not checked into it, but I know it is there, and you are already talking money when you talk darkglass, but you will. save if you get it on the computer.


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Also, I saw some Microtubes Amps for like $599.
I might just get a whole freaking amp head instead of a pedal for that price.
Then I have the pedal in a head, and I con’t have to pay for the pedal and a head, so its like buy one get the other free.

Same with the Tech21 VT, they have a head for it. harder to find, but it is less then $500, so it is maybe $100 to $200 more then the pedal, another way to go.

I see pedals that are supposed to sound like amps, going for 1/2 to 3/4 the cost of the amp. so if you are gonna get an amp and want a pedal to sound like another amp, maybe just get the amp you want??

but it depends, some don’t want amps, want all DAW and IR suites.
others want computer with pedals.
Then there are me, and guys like @itsratso and some others here that want the computer stuff, the pedals, the amps, the basses, we want it all. lol

Yeah, if I were shopping a pedal like that, I might just get an amp head
cuz I keep looking for Amp heads, and I kind of want one. I don’t need it, I kind of have one, and I use my 4x10 cab and the GK Backline 250 as my desk and computer stand right now, i shit you not.

But I got this head for free basically. it works fine, but it doesn’t work fine if you know what I mean.
It works, but it doesn’t seem like I get out of it, what I should get out of it.
I think it could use a tune up, internal cleaning, possibly a coupld pots and switches replaced or tightened, or re-soldiered, etc… stuff I will never do,
it was free, its fun but if I could have bought that Carvin BX500 for under $200 last October, I would have, but I went in the hospital.

Now there is an SWR Workingman 4004 head for sale, dropped to $150.
I want it, I have all SWR workingman stuff, so it would be great, but right now, I don’t really have the cash to purchase., so… yeah.
more food for thought,
or more shit to confuse and tantalize

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Yeah, I was looking at the Darkglass Microtubes 500 amp. It has the pedals built in and gets you 500 watts (at 4 ohms) and they do sound pretty good. But…I have a Kustom KXB500 that has 500 watts and also sounds pretty good. I might just go DAW and plugins here on out, now that my singer moved away.

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Yeah, for Darkglass, I would recommend the regular versions of the pedals - Alpha Omicron, B3k, VMT, or Microtubes X. Unless you really need it to be a DI. I loved my Microtubes X.

But really the NeuralDSP plugin is better, unless you need it live. Plus on sale it’s like $50, and you get both a B7k Ultra and a VMT Ultra.

I was also able to make a very convincing Darkglass-like distortion myself using Kilohearts Multipass and their compressor, distortion, and faturator snapins:

I love MultiPass.

I’ll also second the recommendation for a Tech21 VT Bass DI. That thing sounds great.