Kids BASS shortlist

I’ve posted this on another thread but about a week ago I went down to my home office in the evening to be greeted by this scene.

That’s my eight year old daughter with my new Warwick (is nothing sacred?) getting stuck into Module-1.

She loves music and is rapidly outgrowing her current 3/4 guitars. She’s expressed an interest in getting a bass to replace them and has reminded me (not so subtly) that she turns 9 on New Years day.

Now, I got some great support from the forum members when researching my own recent upgrade so I’ve decided to kick off this thread to shortlist options that are suitable for a youngster.

She can manage a longscale so that’s not a restriction, but short and medium scale are definitely options.
Edit: To be clear; 30" 32" or 34" are all viable options.

Playability, light weight and aesthetics are more important than versatility of tone and fancy preamps. And she doesn’t like old fashioned sunburst finishes! :smiley:

Currently on the shortlist are…


Ibanez SR300E

Yamaha TRBX 174

SUB StingRay 4

SX J-Bass (Ash)

Squier Affinity PJ kit

Medium Scale

Squier Affinity Jaguar

Ibanez Mezzo

Short Scale

Hofner Ignition: 30" shortscale

Sire U5

Gretsch Junior Jet

So, what else deserves a place on the shortlist? :sunglasses:
As before, I’ll update this first post as the shortlist changes.


Ibanez Mikro!

28.5" scale :slight_smile:


Definitely worth looking at the Mikro.
I had one and it was great fun. I’m sure your daughter would love it.
Or you could just give her your Warwick :joy:


For a lightweight long scale the Ibanez SR basses are good. For short scale I really like the Fender Mustang PJ. That Hofner is another excellent choice.


You see small kids online playing full scale all the time, and you say she’s outgrowing 3/4 scale guitars. I’d say everything is a contender, can you get some things in her hands? Don’t go by length alone. Hofners are love/hate. Some love them here, I tried to, nope.

If you are looking at shorter only, put the Candy Rocks ones in the mix. @bofhgirl plays one and loves it and they have cool colors too.


Yeah, the Ibanez range looks like a good option. They’re lightweight and modern looking. I wasn’t sure about the Mikro - it looks suspiciously like a 3/4 instrument which may be less well received than a full sized instrument, albeit shortscale.

I’m just not certain where the “sweet spot” is in the Ibanez range. More research required.

I am 100% certain that this option has crossed her mind! :rofl:


Eh Mustang?
Shortie SBMM?

Oh just figured out she wants longer bass than 30nch. My bad.

Be a troll and get her baseball neck P bass.


Yup, longscale is absolutely a contender.
There are limited options to try in the shops here beyond Fender as Yamahas seem to be in very short supply in general.

I don’t think there’s anyone selling the Daisy Rock range over here, but she’s not a pink and sparkly kinda girl anyway. :wink:

My nephew has one of these so I’ll definitely arrange for her to try it.
That said, he’s had a lot of issues with it, as have others on this forum, so I’m not overawed by the engineering and craftsmanship in this particular model.


30" would be fine.
She really likes the aesthetic of the Sting Ray but I was just a little concerned about the weight. (any thoughts on that folks?)

I had a quick look and the 30" seems to be the SS4 model which starts at €720 in this neck of the woods. A bit spendier than I had in mind.


It worked out for Suzi Quattro. :smiling_imp:


615 pounds at thomann. Aint cheap, better option would be Ray4 then.


If weight is an issue you might think about a Ray4? Nice slim jazz neck,not too big on the body and not over heavy


Stingrays all tend to be heavy don’t they?

The whole Ibanez SR line is great, nice and light.

If she likes the Warwick you could get her a Rockbass that isn’t a NT - they are very light. My Streamer was about 3.5kg.


The Rock Bass sounds like a good option.
Reckon the Ibanez would be too @howard .
Reckon my Ray4 isn’t a lot heavier than my Ibanez? Having said that anything feels like a feather after the Warwick Corvette


Well Ray4 is around 4 kg. Not what I would call heavy.


I was going to suggest the Hofner, which weighs less than 7 lbs, but I see it’s already been trashed.


@HowlinDawg , in the picture she’s wearing the strap like a necklace :smiley: They’re pretty adorable at that age: they’re young enough to still be a baby, but old enough to hold their own in a conversation.

My 12-year old picked up my boat anchor P-bass the other day, and did the first three lessons of M1 all in one go. I’m hoping he continues.

I can’t make any recommendations as to a short scale, having no exp at all, but if she is OK with the 'wick wouldn’t a light 34" be a good contender?


Ahh yeah, looking at a few sources it seems the Ray4 is in the 3.9-4.1kg range (which is fine) while the Ray34 and EBMM 4-strings are in the 4.5-4.7kg range (which isn’t terrible but for me is not fine - I would avoid. It’s more than my BB was).


I vote for whatever she thinks looks cool but is still in the budget.

If she thinks it’s cool then she will be more likely to pick it up and play.

I wouldn’t worry so much about scale and weight. Kids are damned resilient when it comes to something they like.


Letting her pick it out is a good plan!

Of course that could financially backfire too though - e.g. “I like the butterfly on the headstock!” :rofl: