Left hand problem (beginner)


I am a beginner, never played bass before.
I noticed my left hand is going out of control during practice. My thumb keeps changing position, and the more I play, the more it is tensed. I even have aches after trying to maintain some positions.
The more I play, the more my hand looks like a claw and I cannot keep up even simple positions (I am in module 4).

It is probably because I have a bad position and because I am stiff as a stick.
And that damned pinky is not doing whatever I order it to do :smiley:

Any advices on trying to be more stable with the thumb ?


Welcome to our forum @anthony.claudel. You’ll get lot’s of good advice here, and many answers to the questions you posted.

You’re problems sound a lot like mine when I first started… in fact, I posted a similar issue at that time.
The best answer I can give you, is to just give it time and lots of practice. You’re asking your hand and your fingers to do something that they’ve never done before. Your pinky is especially difficult because it has spent it’s entire life doing basically nothing. Practice, practice, practice, and you’ll be amazed at the changes that take place.
I also did some finger stretching exercises in my down time, while watching tv, or even while eating dinner. Those helped too.
Best of luck in the course and on your journey. I’m sure you’ll do well!


Hi @anthony.claudel, you might want to check out this thread, with a video by @JoshFossgreen on how to train your fingers to do what you want them to do…

Some patience is required, I guess, as one of the main messages is to start slow and then slowly build up speed!
Good luck!


Hey @anthony.claudel, welcome to the forum! Yeah, check out the video @joergkutter linked above, and even before that you can check out my free Bass Basics series, the fretting technique vid is even more beginner-y.

IME, nobody has good technique without working on it a ton. I still do after almost two decades.

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Thank you all for your encouragements and advices !