Leland Sklar

man is anyone digging his youtube as much as me? he has been posting most everyday


Yes, there have been many threads about this topic, do a search and you’ll find them,


Leland is definitely most awesome.


im sorry pam i have been practicing so much on my danm slapp i have not been on i just watch youtube and practice till my thumb cant take the beating anymore lol


Yeah slapping will do that lol


Hi @PamPurrs,
Did you want those 2 U2 songs that I have chartered, let me know and I will upload for you.
Cheers Brian



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Hope you enjoy playing them.
I have a lot of stuff charted, I’m also a big fan of concrete blonde so if you like Johnette Napolitano’s bass playing I can send you some of their stuff.

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Are you playing stuff in 6/8 time ?
I have the Eagles- try and love again
And Concrete blonde- darkening of the night
Both are interesting to play.

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And how is that coming along? Are you loving or hating it. I am Slap happy, so I hope you are enjoying it. I constantly play “take the power back” and “tommy the Cat” and started slapping that one song. Crap, can’t think of the name. The one EVERYBODY plays on every YT pedal demo. I never knew that song before playing bass, and I come to find out it’s this HUGE thing. I gotta go look what it’s called.

Hysteria is the name. Cool Baseline. I emailed Josh to ask what the riff he played shortly in his finger excercises video, at like 2:53. I said, “the one looped in every pedal demo “

He linked me to his cover, and sent me the tabs. So I been jammining it ever since. That’s when I searched for “hysteria “ in the forum and saw how big the song was. Like the baseline is equal to “stairway” for guitarists.

FWIW, Hysteria baseline is WAY WAY WAY better then the stairway picking the guitar guys play, imo at least. Lol

Can you play it at full tempo? And wait, did you say you were slapping Hysteria? This song?

It’s a constant 16th note chug that is pretty advanced even fingerstyle. I can’t imagine it slap.

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Let me listed to it and see what tempo I am at. Honestly Idk the song, and besides watching @JoshFossgreen do the cover once, I never heard it at full tempo because everybody plays it at different tempos on YT.

I just practice slapping it, instead of practicing open string slap speed, it’s not full tempo, or perfect when I slap it, I am just having fun with my slapping practice.

Brb, gonna have a listen and see if I cN play along.

Idk the whole song, just the main part, but the other parts looked manageable, I just have not learned it yet.

Yeah @howard, I can keep up with the tempo.
Will take work to keep it up mistake free for the whole song, and the rest of the song, but I do it full tempo.
Hopefully, when my new usb / lightening adapter is here tomorrow, I can stay connected to the iPad long enough to figure out 1, how to hear the bass thru the IPad, thru headphones, and 2, how to record, and 3 how to edit, and 4, how to export a audio file.

It’s pretty impressive as a relatively new bass player to be able to nail Hysteria. It’s a solidly intermediate song. I can’t consistently play it at full tempo myself.

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So, when you play these open string to 10th fret, open string to 12th fret kind of transitions (especially on the E string), do you get a lot of “string noise” from pushing the open string down to the, e.g., 12th fret? This is mainly relevant for the finger style (I guess it doesn’t matter nearly as much when you are slapping).

I am referring to the sound of the string hitting the fret. Even with a low action, this must be hard to avoid when chugging open-12th-open-12th or similar patterns in a fast tempo!?!

For this type of song (Hysteria), and played with overdrive/distortion, it might not matter at all, and actually add favorably to the intended overall sonic picture, but I am more wondering in general.

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Yeah this definitely happens, you can kind of get to where you time things right and press kind of softly initially though and the actual clank is minimized.

Distortion can actually amplify clanky sounds so it doesn’t help like you would think.


Yes, I can see how you could do this… for slower tempi. For a 16th note chug, I feel this is almost impossible, or at least requires the kind of dexterity that I certainly don’t have yet…

I was wondering whether there were any tricks/techniques I wasn’t aware of to minimize clanking in such situations as, exactly, the Hysteria bass line!?

Yes, distortion with the hogs un cut will amplify this. I can dial in the overdrive just right, and add a lil fuzz, but it took some getting used to to get it right. A little wet signal with full dry signal one octive down will help from an octaver.

When I play straight thru with no effects, just a little rain on the amp, highs cut, I can play it pretty clean, but it all depends on the strings too, and what bass I am on. I have not got my technique near got enuf to eliminate all sound, or at least the noticeable sound