Let’s Rally Gang - an update on our Bad Ass Bass Gal @PamPurrs

Pam has asked me to give our forum family an update on what has been going on with her, as she’s not up to telling the tale herself.
If you know Pam, you know she would want to give it to you all straight.
So here goes…

Some of you might have noticed @PamPurrs hasn’t been around the forum much of late, no new covers, and I know a few of you were missing her on the last live hang.

Many of you know Pam is a survivor of throat cancer, and took up bass while going through that ordeal and beating the hell out of it. Not too long ago, she marked 3-years cancer free.

However, earlier this year, Pam developed a constant pain in her face that got worse and worse. Thinking dental or ENT issues, she first sought out her dentist and ENT doc, but came up empty. So she went to her oncologist and, unfortunately, found the reason for all this pain.
And I am not happy to say its not a good one.

Pam’s cancer is back, but this time it’s on the back of her tongue. And its making it harder and harder for her to speak and eat, let alone be motivated to play bass or spend a lot of time here on the forum.

As I am sure you can imagine, Pam and her wife Sara are spending most of their time coming to grips with the reality they now face, albeit with a lot of laughter and toughness and love, despite the circumstances.
The prognosis is not the best, and that’s sugar coating it.
The next step is an upcoming surgery to biopsy the cancer and sort out the best chemo cocktail forward, followed by an uphill battle in which the odds are, well, not great.

Pam and I have become close friends in the past year and a half though this forum. When I got really involved in the forum, I felt like Pam was synonymous with the forum, its matriarch. She is an important part of why this place is so damn great and unlike any other online.
I’ve learned a lot from her, we are ‘bass twins’, buying and owning the same ESP Frank Bello bass. I continue to really love getting to know her.
We had a great time putting together the ‘recording yourself’ classes over the last few months, and sharing beers on the Live Hangs. By the way, the last class we did, recording video, Pam’s voice was off, she was in pain, she wasn’t sure why yet, but wanted to do the class anyway for the forum - this is our @PamPurrs.

We call each other the ‘best friend we have never met’, proving yet again how special this forum can be here that Josh has created and curated, and people like Pam have cultivated into ‘the nicest place on the internet’. People might think it odd to make a virtual friend, but I know for a fact it certainly is not. I can call a few folks here my friends. But as for Pam….you don’t meet Bad Ass Bass Gals every day, and for good reason - they are a rare and wonderful find - I only know of one.

I have to share a story that sums up Pam.
I have been having some GI/esophagus issues and was getting some advice from her on meds for this and that and sorting out what the heck was going on. One day I get a message from her…. She asks me how my issues were going and what the doctor said during my appointment, yadda yadda yadda…and then she throws in a ‘by the way, my cancer is back’. That’s Pam, and that’s why she’s a great friend. She was more interested in my dopey illness than her cancer.

Our friend Pam is as tough as nails. She has charted and led her life in her own way, by her own rules, every step of the way, and will keep doing so now. She is someone who truly knows who she is and is damn happy about it. Truly an original. She won’t be beat easily, for sure.

Pam is pretty low on energy and focus right now, the pain is bad and the meds have her loopy. But she will be checking here and responding when she can, or, simply when she feels like it…cause that’s how she rolls. :upside_down_face:

So please use this thread to reach out to Pam and Sara.
Humor is always welcome too, she ain’t lost that sense yet! :stuck_out_tongue:

@PamPurrs - you are our one and only….

Tagging a few folks to insure they see this that I know Pam is close to or have been around a long time (please don’t be offended if I did not tag you, its who i could think of).
@TNKA36 @JerryP @JDDaniel @Lanny @eric.kiser @terb @T_dub @joergkutter @JT @Mike_NL @Barney @howard @Gio @JoshFossgreen



Hang in there Pam! We’re all behind you



Pam, you light up this forum with your wit and sassiness (?). You better get better or I’ll kill you a million times. Seriously, I’m praying for you.


Damn it.


Hi Pam,
It saddens me to hear the #f878kencancer has returned.
My love to you and Sara going forward, I’m sure you will be victorious again in your new fight.
You have a lot more Bad Arse Bass to share with your friends on the forum into the future.
You are in our thoughts,
Love Brian & Shirley


I had noticed @PamPurrs silence….so sorry to hear why. We are pulling for you and miss you @PamPurrs.


Well, fuck.

This is terrible news for sure. But you’ve beaten this one once, @PamPurrs. The odds may be long but you’ve beaten them before. Hang in there.


I had noticed the lack of a badass bass gal lately, but thought it was because she had the upcoming shows in her area with a group she had recently joined.

Best of everything from me and my family, pam. You are truly one of the bright spots here in the forum. I’ve always thought you were quite kind and helpful. And funny, too. No one says enough how much those things are worth, but they are the actual currency of being human.

Sending good vibes from Ohio. Please take care of yourself.



John and the others said it all. You are essential to the B2B family.

Feel the group love and combine it with your strength of spirit and humor to beat this thing.

And say hi soon. We’re here for you.


A little too close to home on this one. I wish cancer would get cancer and leave the good folk of this world alone for a few seasons.
Pam, Stingray Sister, you have my prayers and you know you have this community behind you and your loved ones. This is not a battle that gets fought alone so prayers for your partner as well. The Devil done picked a fight with the wrong gal.


Oh cr@p, not the news I wanted to wake up to this morning. Hang in there, @PamPurrs. You always struck me as someone with a very strong will and a lot of determination, so I know you can do this too. Go kick cancer’s ass!


Sad news. Thanks for the update @John_E. Hang in there @PamPurrs, Thoughts and prayers are with you.


Unfortunately, the cancer forced me to withdraw from that group. :cry:


Thank you @John_E for posting this. Also, thanks to all of you for the support and well wishes.


Pam, You are always so nice to everyone here. Thank you. I know there isn’t really anything i can do ( as much as i wish there was ). but please keep your spirits up. Your great attitude has been infectious here, and i know a lot of us really love seeing you here.

Every day is great day when we see it right.

Please take good care of yourself.


Oh no, this is terrible news… Pam you beat that cancer (again) and get well soon! Big hug


Not the type of message I had hoped to be tagged in… I am so sorry to hear about this, @PamPurrs !

My wife is a survivor… and what I have learned from survivors is their very different view on life, their appreciation for things we others take for granted, but also their constant “passenger” who reminds them how fragile things can be.

What I learned from Pam is how to not be deterred by any challenge or obstacle (whether it’s age, arthritic fingers or corduroy pants), and how to dive deep and take things head on, no holds barred. You are an inspiration to many of us in here, Pam!

It’s not my place to instil toughness in you in the face of this very serious challenge - I know you have more toughness in your little toe than most of us… but, we are here, in whatever form you might need us - to share, to vent, to joke, to bitch, to nerd out, to shoot the breeze… whatever we can do virtually, I am sure we’ll give our best to make it happen :smile:


I have been away from the forum for a really long time for some reason or other (nothing major really, and I’m really sorry about it) but had a feeling that I need to check in again. I noticed Pam’s absence first thing.

I’m so sorry to hear these news, Pam, and wishing you and Sara all the strength you need to get through this. Sending you lots of love and some flowers. :heart:


how terrible is it to read that :disappointed_relieved:

I hope you’ll get better as soon as possible @PamPurrs

sorry I never know what to say under this kind of circumstances


All I can do is echo what everyone else has said. @PamPurrs is a pillar of this community and for great reasons. My thoughts are with you. Stay strong.