Looking For Other Experiences (COVID)

I know these topics eventually get shut down and I’m not trying to start anything but I’m having a hard time and I’m wondering what other peoples experiences are.

I have been having a real hard time physically and mentally since I got vaccinated. I don’t believe it’s because of the vaccine, I also have Multiple Sclerosis, and I think it is probably the interaction between the two taking a toll on me.

I know this isn’t the best place to ask this but I don’t really have any other outlet. Has anyone else had a hard time after being vaccinated?


How long are we talking here? A week, or months?

I had a strong immune response and basically felt like I had the flu for about five days after the second shot, but was fine after that. I don’t have other serious health issues however.

Super sorry to hear you’re having a hard time though. Ugh.


Almost 2 months now.

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I am double vaxxed but honestly thing the mental and physical toll of the last year and a half plus has zero to do with it. It has to do with the whole ordeal itself.
I always say at work that my brainpower is some % less due to all the new stresses in life. Not only thinking about the overall state of things, but also changing daily routines, personal experiences not being had, etc.

I completely agree with you on the mental and physical fatigue part. You are not alone, and I don’t know many who are not effected in some way. Add to that a lot of us are at that ‘certain age’ where we also start losing hormones etc and start contemplating the back 9 of life, etc.

We are pretty conservative here with our family and all this going on, so we don’t do a lot, which means days blend together, no breaks in the flow means days/weeks/months all basically meant he same thing.

Relaxing is more difficult than ever quite frankly.

I will say this…
Finding my way back to this forum has been a huge plus in all this. It has replaced a lot of social interaction that has vanished. I have met people I consider my friends (even though we have never met in person) and am really enjoying the dialog and discussion. At my house, it’s my wife, the two girls (11/13) the au pair and the dog. The dog is more interested in anything I do than any of the others. Finding folks to bond with on this forum has been a very very bright spot in the mess of the last year and a half.
So thank you all.

Know this @eric.kiser - take some comfort in the fact that you are not alone, others are feeling the same, MS or not. Misery may love company but bass badasses love talking bass (no pun intended), cheering each other on and egging each other on to buy more gear.

So, what can we talk you into buying today to help you feel better sir?


Yuck. No feedback or suggestions from your doctor?

@John_E made great points there about just the general malaise people feel after going on two years of Covid, too. There’s actually a term for it… “Delayed Burnout.” A lot of people who did otherwise very well are now suffering from it.


I was really excited to finally travel for work this week - something different - a bit nerve racking but the airlines did a great job with mask protocol et al - and getting upgraded helped too.

I used to travel a ton for work pre-Covid, just enough to balance home and away, sometimes a bit more, but always like the different aspects of home and travel, broke life up a bit, and have seen a lot of cool things and eaten a lot of great food (the whole point of the trip, after work that is).


This is the Lounge, where we can discuss non-bass stuff . . . so it IS the best place to ask questions, let off steam, etc. Eric @eric.kiser . . . :slight_smile:

To answer your question: NO,I have not had any issues or problems with my vaccination. I had the two-stage vaccination (Pfizer BioNTech). No reactions, no symptoms of any kind. Some people I know here got the Johnson & Johnson (“one and done”) vaccination with some mild soreness at the injection site, but that’s about it.



Yeah for me it’s 2 years of too much beer, junk food and social media, and not enough exercise, not to mention the stress and isolation.

@eric.kiser hang in there man - we’re over the worst of it


I haven’t talked to them yet. I just put it together last night that the dates seem to coincide.

LoL! I’ve felt some of this but my life actually hasn’t changed very much at all with the onset of COVID.

Me too. It took two weeks for the swelling to go down after the shots.


Yeah good of you to notice the timing there and seems like a good idea to follow up with them - the vaccine triggers a strong immune response and it sounds like at two weeks yours was especially strong. You never know how this might have interacted with your MS.


Good point, @howard . . . his MS and the vaccine probably did interact with each other.



Same here. Light to medium immune response for three days. Nothing else :metal:


I had the J&J. One shot. No issues from the shot but I still got COVID 2 months later. Still affecting my breathing and fatigue. I am diabetic and my Doc told me that the shot probably saved my life.


@eric.kiser I’ve been double vaxxed since the July timeframe. Both doses hit me hard. I had flu like symptoms for 3-4 days and low energy levels for several more. I had the pfizer version. After the second dose, I noticed swelling in my glands under my arm pits which would come and go for several weeks after. To this day, if I get really tired my glands still swell and I didn’t have this issue before the vaccine.

Best I can figure, I had mono as a teenager back in the early 80’s. I had always been told that if I get super rundown that the symptoms could return as mono never leaves your body. I’m guessing for me, the vaccine (along with my body fighting it) caused my symptoms to flare back up.

Things have been better the past month, so hopefully I’m on the right path. Just not sure what a booster shot would do when that time comes around.


I had a reaction to the second shot, flu like symptoms for a few days, but that was it. Water cooler talk at the hospital, a lot of nurses had a reaction to the second shot.

I should get my booster this week, it was delayed becuase of my flu vaccine, and will report if I have any effects.

Swelling for two weeks I would guess, and I am no doctor nor play one on TV so take this for what it is, seems more related to interactions with other things going on with you.

The beauty of a shot based on RNA is RNA breaks down very quickly and doesn’t leave residual chemicals in your system. That’s why it is stored at such low temperatures. RNA just doesn’t hang around, even the stuff we make in our bodies.

As far as the malaise, a lot of people are struggling the past two years. Everything just takes a toll. You’re not in this alone.


And now for a different perspective that may shock some.
Since my “accident “ I have actively sought not to interact in the real world. Being able to ignore people, not travel to appointments etc actually suits me so the current restrictions have made my life easier.
I’ve had my first jab ( apparent supply problems :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: for Pfizer) and all I got was a bit of a sore arm but probably a sense of relief.
However, I have nothing like you have @eric.kiser .
I have heard that the second shot can cause more of an adverse effect but I would imagine the consequences of the virus would be much more serious.


I have some introverted friends that are actually just fine with the situation too, yeah :slight_smile:

My wife and I were never really bothered by the changes either - basically we both have more than enough entertainment in the house and are good company for each other. I feel for the young people living alone now for the first time though. Gotta be super rough.


@eric.kiser I do think you should go get checked out. maybe there is some interaction that takes longer to work through your system. It can’t hurt to go ask.

In general, i will say that I have really become a home body during all this, and do enjoy it. I do miss some interactions that we choose not to have, and most certainly miss live music, which I just won’t go see right yet. My friend in Rebirth Brass Band was playing up by me, I brought him a box of instruments to take back down to New Orleans with him, chatted with him for about a half hour then left, didn’t stay for the show. Even he gets it. He says “I gotta work, and the way i figure I am up on stage and blowing most of the time with my mouth covered by a trombone”.


I totally agree about the younger folks @howard .
The youngest daughter has certainly gone a bit stir crazy especially since the last lockdown. Some of the 30 and unders comments have made me laugh. I do wonder how so people would cope in a real dire situation such as our grand parents and great grandparents did in the 2 World Wars. I also hope and pray that they never have to


*raises hand*

Yeah, as a massive introvert these lockdowns have been pretty ok for me. Not saying that I’m having the time of my life, but overall the benefits just outweigh everything.

Not having to commute to the office gives me two extra hours of life per day. I can walk over from my work laptop to my bass any time and play bass. I can even take a quick nap if I want to. When the weather’s good I can work from the balcony or the park. I don’t have to suffer through social events, or come up with excuses to not attend them, because there aren’t any in the first place.

I could go on. I’m not looking forward to returning to regular life.