Looper Pedals

I’ve been doing research on Loop pedals recently. My son plays guitar and does a lot of looping. For the last 6-9 months he has been really limited by the gear he has so his mom and I put in money to get him one of the new Boss RC-10r Loop Stations. Unfortunately, all of the things I read about online that might make that pedal a bad call, he also had trouble with.

Going into this I knew their might be problems with this pedal and now I need to get my back up plan in order. Mostly I started with the Boss RC-10r because I wanted to play with cutting edge gear and I needed to get a feel for what he really needed/wanted.

As long as you stick with fairly basic loop pedals, they’re pretty straight forward. But, he isn’t doing strait forward looping. His stuff gets layered and complex.

What I’m looking for…
I need a pedal with at least two separate loop channels but if I can get more I would like to have four. If anybody has an EHX 2880, I’m in the market for one.

TC Electronic Ditto x4 has two channels but is kinda old and is missing some expected features like internal memory. It’s a rock solid pedal but is really ready for an update.

Electro-Harmonix had some really cool pedals like the 2880 and the 45000 that both had four loop channels but these pedals are 10+ years old. Even as old gear, the 45000 is out of my price range. The 2880 would have worked but it has been discontinued and finding them on the used market has been tough. The newest EHX loop pedals are simpler single loop devices that don’t fit what I’m looking for.

DigiTech has the JamMan Express XT and the JamMan Solo XT. These are pretty cool since they have a feature called JamSync wich lets you chain them together. So, if you need another loop channel you can buy another pedal and simply add it to the chain. Sounds cool but there’s no way to universally back up your work. Also, these pedals get fine reviews as individuals but finding anyone trying to make the most of this feature hasn’t gotten me anywhere.

Boss has the RC-300 which is supposed to be the most popular, professional loop station in the world. Even used, it comes in at the very edge of my budget. I’m hesitant because, once again, this is 10 (?) year old technology.

There are two or three (?) other companies doing multi channel loopers out there but, from everything I’ve read, they all seem to be suffering from being bleeding edge technology with lots of promises for software and firmware updates in the future.

Where does this leave me?
Loop pedal manufacturers seem to have gone through a time, 10 years ago, where they were making pretty serious loop making work stations. Then, customers seem to have asked, “Can’t I just get a simple loop pedal?” So that was what they started making. Now, interest seems to have swung back the other way (I blame Ed Sheeran) and companies are starting to make the super multi channel loop pedals again but they aren’t quite there yet with having the bugs worked out of their software/firmware.

I haven’t figured out how to resolve all this yet but I do know way more about loop pedals than I need to. As I make my way through trying out different equipment with my son I’ll come back and update this thread with whatever I learn.


Thanks for the wisdom and the experience here, @eric.kiser!

I have the RC-30 myself. The two pedals make things work out fairly well, but I’m sure there’s a better tool out there. This thing has its own squirrly issues.

Thanks!! It is possible to deep dive into every single teeny tiny corner of this bass universe! I love it when we diversify our resources and have different people out there focusing in different areas.


@Gio Thanks for the kind words.

I don’t think I can claim real wisdom and experience. It was more about spending a few months doing deep research. I’m still missing a lot of practical experience.

The RC-30 loop stations are well respected. Depending on what squirrly issues your having you could check your firmware version. The last version was 1.6.

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I know you are looking for something specific, but given the generic thread title I’m going to say I’ve been hankering for one these - Mooer Groove Loop : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7FYnu5pEEM


@matthew Absolutely, everybody is invited to play along. My long post just meant to be a conversation starter. I’m glad to see what other people are using or thinking about using.

That Groove Loop pedal is pretty cool and it’s packing so much in such a small package. If I was buying for myself, instead of my son, I would definitely go for something like that.

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