Looper Pedals

Very true. There are times when the human factor behind the music is much more interesting to me than the music or the performance.

Maybe there are more people out there interested in this than I realize. They did just bring back the show, Behind the Music.

I still think it’s fair to say most people are content with just consuming the final product.

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I think I actually enjoy everything that goes in to music production as a whole more than I do the act of playing the instruments. Long way to go on both, so I guess that’s good :slight_smile:


Fully agree - and agree with this in every iteration.
Most people don’t know what it takes to get hot water to come out of their taps that won’t kill them or infect them if they drink it - or how to pitch a roof and make sure it’s water tight or how what goes into making the perfect pizza dough.

Craft is craft, and that’s why it’s so fun to find those groups of people (like here!) who are all diving into the same deep waters - because getting to talk about the niche elements, gear, nuances and jargony bits is something that exhausts and bores everyone else!


I am guilty of exhausting and boring other people with my music talk. That’s one of the things that makes this forum work for me. I can post something with whatever detail I want to put into it and others can choose to read it or not. Sometimes it about being able to get it all out for something you’ve spent so much time researching and working on.


Boss has put out two new high end Loop Stations.

The new RC-600 Floor-Based Loop Station is the update for the venerable RC-300.
BOSS - RC-600 | Loop Station

The RC-505MKII Tabletop Loop Station is the update for the RC-505.
BOSS - RC-505mkII | Loop Station

Each is US $599.99 and the RC-600 looks like a pretty serious competitor in the high end multi effects market.

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I checked those out at lunch… I was going to post some stuff too; you saved me some “work” :slight_smile:

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