Thinking about purchasing a Boss Looping Station for my bass, any comments?

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Hi Bernie! It’s been awhile.

Here is an old thread I started with some of what I was looking into…
Looper Pedals - Gear - BassBuzz Forum

That was when I was looking for one for my son. He does more complex stuff than I would do with it.

For myself, I was looking at the Boss DD-3T Digital Delay Pedal.

Which one were you looking at?

I was considering the RC-1.


It’s a good start but you will probably end up upgrading.

For 1/2 that price (approx.) you could get a Zoom B1Four multi effects processor that has a built in looper and a crap load of other features, including a drum machine and a tuner.

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My bad. I had delay on the brain. The RC-1 was the one I’ve been considering also.

Honestly though, The Zoom B1Four is a much better deal when it comes to simple looping. That thing has incredible amounts of functionality.