Luke (Become a Bassist) "Rock Solid Blues Bassist" Course

I guess this is the right place to post about a bass course other than Beginner to Badass.

Luke from Become a Bassist has a new course, “Rock Solid Blues Bassist,” featuring what he calls his Blues Bass Transformation Method. Those interested in playing the blues can check out his wordy description at the link. It’s a four week course, four modules, and he provides 28 “Simulated Jam Sessions” as a bonus. I watched a live video he had describing it, and it seemed interesting, but I don’t have the time to do it now. Maybe if he offers it again down the road, I’ll try it.

There is one live Zoom “Masterclass” a week where students can ask questions and do drills. He will be recording the Masterclasses, so if you can’t make those, you can still watch them. These are in addition to other materials available each week. “Masterclass” dates start Jan. 25th, and the last week is Feb. 15th, all at 8 p.m. EST. Enrollment closes at 11:59 on Fri., Jan. 20th, 2023. The cost is as little as $149, or more if you break it down into six payments of $29, or add a 1 hour, one on one lesson with Luke.

If anyone ends up signing up and taking this course, maybe you could post your impressions in a response here.


After B2B, I started taking Luke’s courses. I’ve also taken a course from Greg Haggar and a couple from Mark Smith. Josh and Luke are the best for beginning students. I’ve taken Luke LUYE (Level Up Your Ear) which was excellent; much more than I expected. LUYG (Level Up Your Groove) is a great foundational course. I also took his Bass Lines course as well. The Blues course looks great.

If you never picked up a bass before, I still stay that B2B is the best course to take to get you from a stand still to bass competency. Josh is excellent. I would have never picked up the bass if not for Josh. I think Luke is a great follow on. Maybe Josh will offer more courses in the future.

I like Mark and Greg too, but they are still a bit out of my reach. The really neat thing about Josh and Luke is that they both help you feel like you can do this bass thing, and that’s one of the marks of a good teacher.


its Cheezy overhyped marketing pages like this that steer me away fast.


Holy cow, more words than a recipe blog. Whose idea was that?!

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As a teacher, Luke is awesome


Hey @Never2Late , I was on that live video also. I like Luke’s teaching style a lot. Timing is bad right now, but I’ll probably sign up for RSBB next time it’s available.

Yeah, Luke’s website is definitely dated, but he has great content.


he puts out decent ytubes if u like his style but that website scares people away. Would be nice he he showed some demo videos from the class .


I understand your point. On the other hand, we don’t have to read everything on a page. We can scan and find the part we’re interested in. He’s trying to draw you in with a story, and if you’re not even slightly interested in that, it’s an instant turn-off.

The whole page could stand to be re-formatted. I mean, effective web content is not the same as a book or even a newspaper, and generally is best when broken into chunks, like lists and short paragraphs. But that page needs help. Instead of single sentences going on forever, much of it could be consolidated into paragraphs (and probably culling some of it).

But the style of writing on that page is the way Luke writes in emails, too, so I’m not sure if he would change anything. I was able to ignore all the dramatic writing in the email about this blues course, and cut to the chase, so I could watch the (now unavailable) live video describing the course that he had as a link in the email. It would be unfortunate for Luke if his style of writing on the blues course page ends up turning away people who might enjoy and benefit from the course.


Lots of good points here. I’ll add that the turn-off for me includes the fact that I’ve seen many scam artists and snake oil salesmen with similar websites - thousands of words before they try to sell you their self-help book or miracle pills. It sets off my “is this reputable?” alarm bells. I would consider this course in the future based on the recommendations I see here in the forum, but if this came up in a list of google search results? Absolutely no way.


Yes, I’ve seen those type of sites, too. I am glad that some who have taken courses by Luke have commented here and also in other threads in the forum, with their opinions of his courses.


He’s legit.

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Too bad, the fact that this discussion is tolerated here reinforces my impression that Josh will never offer another course.

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I’m generally happy for people to discuss their experiences with other courses, there are lots of threads here about SBL, TalkingBass, etc.

If I didn’t think Beginner to Badass was legit the best beginner course out there, I might be more concerned. :stuck_out_tongue:

And while I still don’t have a timeline on the next course (cue longtime forum members shaking every fist they have at me), I do intend to do one eventually!


From your lips to Josh’s ears.





We r Waiting…lol

Hands-Down it is.

I am taking Luke’s Blues course right now. On lesson 2 and I’m very happy with it so far. Great teaching style. His free vids are good too.

Great follow on for B2B graduates who don’t feel badass enough yet.


absolutely legit.

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I was tempted, however, as I would not be able to attend the masterclasses in live, it feels too expensive. The free ressources are already a great watch with loads of information.
As I’m spending quite some time looking up blues technique videos, I might start a little thread about my findings :wink: