Melbourne's back into lockdown number 4

Hi guys,
it looks like our government cannot get quarantine right here and as a consequence they have put Victoria back into a 7 day lockdown :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:
just got to vent :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
only positive is i will get to practice and hopefully record a couple of new covers from my short list,
And i think i am going to head to Costco this afternoon and pick a nice big BRISKET and have a nice cook up over the weekend.
Cheers Brian


It’s good eh @TNKA36
No hospital appointments, no therapy :rage:
The supermarket shelves have taken a bashing due to idiots hoarding because they can’t buy stuff for a whole 7 days :rage:
Viva la revolution :joy:


Hang in there. I hate lockdowns


Yep I’m at Costco right now getting my brisket and wine for the week :joy::rofl::joy:


I got used to some of the benefits of lock down.

Like driving on the 405 at 5pm with nobody on the road.
Only stopping for red lights, sometimes, not for brake lights.
hardly any people in the grocery stores, so you can shop (if the shelves are stocked) in peace.
ANYTHING YOU WANT delivered to your door

Yeah, the delivery thing will always be there now, but it sure took off during lockdown, because everybody (almost) does it, and many kind of refused (like me) to do it otherwise. I figure if I can’t get up and go pick up a hamburger, I probably don’t need one. But now, its almost harder to NOT have things delivered cuz nobody wanted you to show up to order.

Sorry about yours Brian. I expect to see many places open and shut back down, like they did when they thought 2 months was enough here and tried to open up all the salons and dine in restaurants.


Most of us are wondering when the government here will admit defeat and cancel the olympics. Pretty much everyone is calling for it, they just extended the state of emergency up to a month before it starts, no one but the IOC, government, and athletes still want it to happen, and if it does happen, it will be pathetic because no one will go. Vaccinations of the general public will not have started by the start of the games.

Major newspapers are at the “come the fack on, just admit it” point and business leaders are speaking out. But nope, still trucking along like the games are happening, even as Osaka’s medical system is about to crash (already turning away gravely ill patients due to being full) and Tokyo is cruising along at 7x the new case levels it was this time last year and not improving.

And of course idiots are getting lax and taking it less seriously and doing gatherings, even though no one is vaccinated yet (only 40% of hospital workers so far) because said government is not so good at vaccination, it turns out, either.

So we’re still at around or just under 1000 new cases a day in Tokyo, and it doesn’t look like that’s changing any time soon. The only thing that has kept it from blowing up like it did in the US is that at least people here are good with mask discipline.


I was wondering the same thing,

I’ll bet money is one of the main considerations.
But if most people avoid the games they should realize this could be a big financial loss for them.

Oh boy that is not going to be good. Can none of these idiots see what the ramifications of their actions will be.

Same here in Canada with the exception that 50% of the general population have had their first shots.

At least that is something but it can only last so long.

How idiotic is the whole handling of the Covid situation no matter where you are in the world? Governments are all making the same mistakes over and over instead of learning from each other.
It’s almost like the decision makers think this is just going to miraculously just disappear.

I feel for you Howard and am just glad I live in rural Canada.


I just don’t get it. The Olympics start in July, main games on like the 20th, pre-events earlier.

By the government’s own schedule, vaccinations for the general public age 59 and younger won’t start until July and aren’t expected to finish until October. It’s highly unlikely I will get my shots until August at the earliest.

It makes no sense. They have already banned foreign tourists, so there’s no net financial gain. No one is going to go, so it’s just going to be sad on TV. It’s just… embarrassing.


Do they do trolleys that big? :joy::joy::joy:


Down here in Virginia, I got the Pfizer vaccination (2 injections 3 weeks apart) and don’t have to wear a mask anymore, @John_E . . . :slight_smile:

I don’t get what all the fuss is about . . . they’ve been vaccinating for two months now.

That would be a violation of the HIPAA rules, wouldn’t it? :wink: :wink: :wink:



I am not getting vaccinated against Covid any time soon. The R&D time, in this case, was ridiculously short (Though the incentive was also a little bit different than most of the times) and as such, as someone who’s not in the endangered group, I will abuse this fact and wait until all the vaccines are sorted out with the usual amount of data as usual.


Good one, @John_E . . . :wink: :rofl:


This past year has been a violation of sanity. The world has gone mad.

I say; if you want to get immunized, get immunized. If you want to wear a mask, wear a mask. If you want to live in fear, it’s your life to live how you want.
I choose none of the above. If you want to refer to people like me as “idiots” as some here have done, so be it.
My incredible human immune system has served me well for 72 years, and I don’t plan to meddle with it.
Live and let live!
Now, let’s play some bass!


I realized that my previous post may have been a bit too off topic for the forum, although on topic for this thread. So i removed some stuff, not wanting to create hard feelings for derail the forum.


Not sure I agree with that.
Remember getting vaccinated does not give you immunity and your still exposed to those that are not vaccinated and the people who have no intention of getting the vaccine.


Good luck with that.

I think we are all in the endangered group are we not?

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Well, in VA it’s actually per the CDC guidelines:
The pertinent paragraph (starting with “The CDC guidelines”) reads:
The CDC guidelines state that fully-vaccinated individuals do not have to wear masks in most indoor settings, except on public transit, in health care facilities, and in congregate settings. Businesses retain the ability to require masks in their establishments. Employees who work in certain business sectors—including restaurants, retail, fitness, personal care, and entertainment—must continue to wear masks unless fully vaccinated, per CDC guidance. Those who are unvaccinated or not fully-vaccinated are strongly encouraged to wear masks in all settings.


This thinking still puts the rest of us at risk and I do not understand why people think they have that right.


I should clarify that a bit, @Celticstar . . . but it looks like @Never2Late beat me to it above :slight_smile:

Up until the past few weeks everyone has been required to wear a mask while indoors in places like stores, shops, supermarkets, etc. (at least in Norfolk). Now I’m seeing signs that masks are no longer required for those that are fully vaccinated.

Of course, everyone may still choose to wear a mask if they wish, but I do NOT. That is what I meant in my post above.

I feel very badly for those in lockdown in Australia and Japan . . . :frowning:

I also hope that things will continue to improve for everyone in 2021



I’m getting vaccinated because I don’t want to live in fear. Getting my first shot tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face: