MIDI keyboard controller recommendations?


Considering picking up a MIDI keyboard controller. Wow there’s a lot of them.

What I would be looking for:

  • Compact but with full size keys
  • Just a midi controller, no onboard synth required
  • Two octaves
  • MIDI is fine, does not need to be USB (won’t hurt though)
  • Inexpensive

Having trouble finding the combo of compact, full size keys, and inexpensive :slight_smile:


As an example the closest I have found is something like the M-Audio Keystation 49 which is relatively cheap, but is 3 octaves and larger than I wanted. Chopping an octave off that thing at a $40-50 price point would be pretty close to what I want.

I figured someone here would probably have a direct recommendation so I thought I’d just ask :slight_smile:


I don’t have a recc of something I’ve actually used (my MIDI keyboard is verrryyyy ooollllllddddd), but this looks like it would meet your requirements?

And there are quite a few other options a hair more expensive than that, I see some Alesis Arturia and Akai stuff popping up on Sweetwater


That one is so close! But, mini keys. That’s the problem, all the cheap ones I am seeing with two octaves have mini keys.

Then there’s ones like this that are perfect, except they have more stuff than I need and bump the price way up.


Thanks though! I’ll keep looking. Not urgent at all but more long term.


Aah, I see. Yeah, mini keys doesn’t sound fun to me either.

I think you’re gonna have a hard time finding what you want for less than $80-100, in that case.

Plus, you can use those trigger pads to hit vocal samples of useful phrases you might need while practicing:
“I’m busy right now, can I talk to you in ten minutes?”
“I’m sorry [insert family member], I’ll turn down my amp”
“Yes, I’ll come to dinner soon”



Hmm now that you mention it that is kind of a useful feature :slight_smile: