Mind blown

Just finished watching “Devs”… anybody else seen it already?

no spoilers in this post

It is pretty amazing, on so many levels - beautifully filmed, stunning photography, great music selection and original compositions throughout.

Totally eerie and mesmerizing; totally geeky, too.

Some suspension of disbelief, OK… but, otherwise, meditative, riveting, philosophical, deep…



… ok, I’ll bite.

What’s “devs”?

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I… see.
OK, thanks. I might give it a spin, but I’m not really a TV watching kind of guy.

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Sounds interesting! Is it only on Hulu? Trying to keep my occasional binge watching to just Netflix or Amazon Prime, lol. But nice to get a recommendation sometimes - there’s no end to the # of shows offered nowadays, but I never seem to make it past the pilot on most I try!

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@joergkutter thanks for the heads-up. I just added it to My Stuff on Hulu.

I guess this is the forum to share mind blowing and face melting experiences?

I strive for several of these daily. Anyway, I just got turned on to Alvin Lee… never paid him much mind in the past. Bluest Blues is awesome, but the Woodstock performance is a face melter. Both on YouTube. Check him out!

Not really, @Moose_Hofer - but, don’t worry! It’s not that strict in here, but you just risk that your post isn’t found or read by the people you want to reach.

I started this thread just to share my initial thoughts about the TV show “Devs”; and the thread is within the Lounge area, which is the area predominantly for non-bass, non-music topics.

So, if you can’t find a thread where your post would fit, you can always start a new thread. But, check first, which of the main categories it might best fit into :smile:

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I was thinking the exact same thing…

Should I ask for it? Will I regret?? :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Mission accomplished :grin:

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