Mobile theory learning apps, do you use any?


Do you know and use any mobile apps that help with learning/memorizing theory.

I’ve been using “Guitar Note Trainer” by Justin Guitar and it really helps with memorizing the fret. It has many quiz options.
It is great, as I quite often use it between exercises at the gym.

Now, I’m wondering if there are any apps that can quiz your knowledge of something like scales, circle of fifths or any other useful music theory aspects.

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Tenuto tests a lot of that stuff, fretboard note identification, staff note identification, key identification, constructing interval or scale quizzes, etc.

Edit I forgot to mention it’s free, it’s from


Scales for Bass is a good one. Also Music Theory.


I would second Tenuto!


Yeah, looks great. Alas, iPhone only :frowning:

I use smartChord, because I don’t memorize anything I can look up :smiley:

While I agree in general with that statement, I also think that there are some information worth memorizing. Especially those that are fundamental knowledge and have big impact on your playing.
I can’t imagine looking up everything while playing :wink:

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