Module Wrap Up(s)

I had finished B2B a few months back. I’d like to go back through the Module Wrap Ups, but I’m finding there is not really an easy way to get to them. I remember there being some really good stuff in there, and I’d like to go back through it. Is there an easy way to navigate to them?


@bschaefer66 Click “Lessons” at the top of the Forum, clicks “Lessons” again on the new screen and then click on “My Lessons”. It expands to a menu so you can navigate to any part of the course from there . . . :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply Joe. That part I don’t have trouble with. However it’s possible I’m either missing it or not missing an easier way.

For example in Module 5, the wrap up is lesson 6 “An Easy Classic Bassline Groove” at the 6min mark.

When going though this course, I never needed to go back to find these. Now that I am looking for them. I’m wondering if that’s the only way… basically skim though the first lesson at the end of the module until I find it.


As far as I know, yes, that is the only way. I don’t believe there is anything that marks them and I don’t believe any lessons have chapters within the video.

If you do go thru them and find them, it would be cool to share the locations you find in a thread on here, for others that might want to do the same thing.
I have not gone back thru B2B after doing it once in a week and then again over a month, but if you do the work, kindly share for others that are going thru the course and / or want to go back to those parts you are seeking.
This is similar to something another member, @eric.kiser did for all the Youtube videos that Bass Buzz puts out free on youtube. It is really handy information to have posted for the public to use as a reference.


The course booklet has good sum ups for what is being tackled inside any module if that is the information you are looking for. That might help you find what you would want to go through again…

Personally I would go back to a particular lesson for a specific curiosity or to remember a song we have played but for that matter a wrap up wouldn’t cut it…

@bschaefer66 When I finished the course I enjoyed going through the Final Quiz part in the booklet. I am a fool for gold stars :smiley:


Thank you, @Fahri . . . :slight_smile:

So used to looking at the lessons on-line, I forgot about the booklet.



Great idea as - I didn’t think to look in there, thanks!

Same here, I made sure I could nail both the badass the super badass check boxes.

Cool, I don’t mind, I’d be happy to share - that’s a great idea. I wish this was broken out of the instruction like the intro’s were

I really appreciate all the feedback, thanks everyone… I feel like I get scolded in other forums, but everyone is really helpful here!!


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