Multi Effect

Was wondering if anyone has any experience with this particular pedal, the reviews for it seem to be great., just curious if anyone has 1’st had experience.
Looking for good/bad and ugly reviews any knowledge is good!

thanks all!

I don’t own one (and never have), but I know a lot of people in here have owned one and/or still do. In the meantime, I suggest you use the search function and type “zoom b1x” and you should at least find five or so threads discussing this pedal and its uses :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


There is a good thread on the Zoom B1 over here

I have one, it’s good for trying to figure out what actual physical pedals/effects you may be interested in, before investing in them.


That looks like its more for Guitar not Bass though. Only glanced at it but at first look…

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all the zoom multieffects that have a B in the name are for bass. it seems like half of us has had a zoom bass multieffect, i have had several.

edit: ah i see, if you click on the above link it goes to a post talking about the software you can download for your computer. although it says guitar, that software is for all zoom pedals, guitar or bass. that overall thread is a good one to learn more about zoom pedals for bass though.


Probably best to post the link to the start of the topic that @Sully already mentioned…

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