Music Theory

The course it self is excellent all 20 chapters have examples and excises. IMO one of the best courses out there. She also on truefire has a course called pentatonic playground she has other course too on true fire that i have not purchases. I have purchased Stu Hamm fretboard fitness and Ryan Madora bass Cafe. Two other great course to take that will not break the bank.


Does anyone know of a good online quick reference for example chord progressions mapping to feelings/emotions? I know some basic ones, and understand the basics of leading and resolving and so on, and see mention all around of various ones, but I don’t think I have seen a good reference that maps, say, a bunch of example progressions to given types of emotions, all in one easily accessible place.

Wikipedia has a good list:

but requires a lot of drilling down through the individual subpages.

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Cool Paul Davids video on secondary dominants:

Explains them nicely I think.


Good stuff! Rick Beato also talks about this, but, yeah, Paul Davids makes it certainly way more accessible.

So, while this is nice input for people constructing chord progressions, it is equally important for when you are trying to analyze existing chord progressions (which, I am beginning to learn, is a real survival skill if you ever intend to venture more into jazz :sunglasses:)


I really like his theory videos.


Is there a term for the corresponding minor progression of a major chord progression?

I am working on a song right now that is i-v-VI-III in a minor key, which is interesting to me in that if it were in the corresponding major, I-V-vi-iii would be the Pachelbel’s Canon progression.

Since a few different theory books were mentioned/recommended in this thread, I just thought I’d ask whether anyone has any thoughts on The Bass Grimoire?

I have the mini version, but haven’t gotten very far in it (still working thru B2B - 1 thing at a time! :slightly_smiling_face: ) - it seems more like reference material vs a “book”, but thought I’d see if anyone was familiar with the “full” version…

And thanks for the videos shared in this thread… My YT “watch later” queue keeps growing!


I’ve never had luck with these books.
I don’t understand the why behind how they are laid out.
Anyone had good luck with these?