My family room is shrinking

The “family” portion of our family room is shrinking, while music room portion keeps spreading. Fortunately, I have a very supportive and tolerant spouse.


Looks like a Dean Vandetta?? Are you also playing guitar @PamPurrs??


Indeed it is.
It was gifted to me by a friend who has been “trying” to learn guitar for over a year, and keeps buying new guitars in the hopes that she’ll find one that practically plays itself. She refuses to take lessons; instead relying on that game, Rocksmith. I’ve told her that I learned to play bass in less than 6 months by actually taking online lessons, and I think this gift is sort of an unspoken challenge to see if I can learn to play it.
I’ve noodled around with it a little bit, but haven’t seriously tried to learn to play it: but I will eventually.


Well you can already play the top four strings so if all else fails just tune the last two to C and F and use it like a tiny bass with extra strings :slight_smile:


That’s an interesting thought. Is that really feasible though? I mean, wouldn’t that screw up all the chords when I learn to play them?


Oh yeah. Or rather, all the chords would have different and harder fingerings. There’s a reason for that third interval jump.


@PamPurrs - If you can learn the bass, you can most certainly learn to play the guitar… I’d say learn the “A” Minor Pentatonic Scale up and down the fretboard… With that, you’ll be able to play along with “most” Country and Classic Rock songs… At least that’s been “one” of my “cheats” when I’d be asked to sit in on a song… Just find the root and play the notes in that “A” Minor pentatonic scale that fit in. Most times you’ll not play the third note of the scale, and I’ve been known to throw in a ‘bend’ on the sixth at times to liven things up. Kinda makes you look as if you actually know what’s going on…


That guitar looks like it means business! Metal?