My Höfner in the Quasi Orchestra

Update: I appreciate all the advice. The people have spoken, and I’m going to work on it some later in the week, once I’ve let it sit in the back of my mind a while. Thank you all for listening and for the support.

I wish I knew real orchestra musicians, but this is what I can do with my Korg keyboard. The basic tracks are my Martin HD28V, Ric 330, and my Höfner bass. This is the first time I’ve written anything like it. If it pleases you in any way, that’s gold to me.


That came out very nice!


Keep doing this - it’s great to be creative and compose stuff and and it’s educational to record and mix it.

By the way, there is a thread for original songs/compositions:

You tread harmonically safe territory for most of your tune here, but now and then you throw in some more “risqué” harmonic ideas - that was interesting to hear.

Maybe you could try and experiment with the mix a bit - to me, as it sounds now, all parts seem equally “loud” and equally dominant. Perhaps that was your intention, but perhaps you can adjust the different instruments’ levels in different ways and see how that affects your end product. Just something to explore…


Yes, agree - this could use some mixing and mastering love, particularly some compression (bass and guitar) and EQ (all instruments). But as a composition, I liked it!


Hi there,

I liked it and found the part around 1:42-1:58 interesting because it seemed like all instruments were in step with each other. How about doing a canon (not a cannon :wink: ) there?

Keep composing I think this was a sweet and mellow tune.



Thanks for the advice. I agree with it all. It could use mixing–still learning to use the Apollo Twin and Logic. And thanks for the compliments and comments. I appreciate you all taking the time to listen to it. Cheers.


I don’t have the ear or expertise to advise on anything I’m afraid, but I really enjoyed listening - especially knowing that it’s your first time writing something like that! Well done!


Thanks. Very kind of you to listen!

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I like it. I would just try to rearrange the frequencies in panning and increase stereo field width a bit + add one send track with some mellow reverb (this one is great [TAL Software (](TAL Software for free) and send a bit of every instrument through that.

But it’s interesting piece nonetheless.