Need help setting up audio interface rig for practicing

Hi everybody, I’m trying to work out how to setup a audio interface for practice with the b2b lessons, playing along to music, ect. I plan to set everything up like this. Bass amp xlr out going into a focusrite scarlett solo interface, using audacity (I don’t plan on using any virtual amps) and listening through headphones. My question is, will I be able to hear my bass and other audio at the same time? like the b2b lessons on a browser or a song on youtube? I’m new to audio interfaces and don’t really understand the software/audio input output side of things.
any clarification and advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Yes you can hear both, but, why would you?

You have an amp and can play PC stuff through your PC speakers.

Audacity is not needed for this, but is for recording (which is a bit different) but you didn’t state. If this too then you might want to check out this thread…

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If you want to listen using headphones, you can leave out the amp. Just plug your bass and headphones into the Focusrite, and set the audio output on your computer to the Focusrite as well. You may have to switch on a “direct monitor” function on the Focusrite. As @John_E said, no recording software required for this scenario.

ahh makes sense, I assumed I needed recording software to hear my bass. is plugging my bass into an amp and the amp into the Focusrite the same as plugging the bass directly into the Focusrite? thanks.

Thanks for the info, my goal is to practice without shaking the entire house, so I want all the audio coming through headphones.

Probably not. The amplified signal might be too “hot” for the Focusrite to handle. I don’t really see a reason why you’d do it this way, but you can try. Just be careful with the levels, especially when wearing headphones.

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Ok, I’ll be careful
messing around with the setup is probably the best way to figure it all out.
Thanks for your help.


Tonally, no, as your amps preamp and any eq etc will allow the tone to be effected but, practically for what you’re trying to do they are the same. If you want to listen to your bass and PC based music (online or otherwise) you just need your Focusrite and your bass.

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