Need some advice from the collective

I belong to a worship team at the church. They plan and disseminate their music using an app called Slack. When we get our weekly assignment, I have to go in slack and listen to the songs through that app. There’s no way to download the music from slack onto my desktop computer.

Does anyone know of any software out there that will let me record music that is being playing through the speakers on my desktop computer? I’m guessing someone in the forum has used slack before and knows how to work around this issue? Thanks in advance for anything you can tell me.

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Pretty sure you can download files from slack to a PC (not on mobile though, only images).
Slack is just an IM app.

I take it you are on Windows?
You can activate the stereo mix and use it as an device to record in any recording application of your choosing.

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Thank you Malyngo. Yes, Windows 10. I followed the steps and in step 5 no “Stereo Mix” option appears. I looked all around that Sounds box and didn’t see it.

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Then you might have to go down further that page I linked and try those other methods. It might require installing a driver. There is one guide on that page for Realtek audio devices and one for Conextant audio devices.

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Check out this post:

You can ignore the part about Ableton, since you just need the ability to capture the audio and play it back. The wav or mp3 file created by Audacity should be all you need.

You can always go old school and use a microphone, Or your phone

Hi Fred. Right before I read your message I opened audacity and it updated to the latest version. The record button that you have outlined is not on the new audacity, at least that I can find. I appreciate you taking the time though to try to help me.

If you’re talking about the “recording device”, it’s now found under the Audio Setup button on the top toolbar. Go to Audio Setup=>Audio Settings. Look about halfway down for Recording, and change the Device to be your speakers.