Needs help with Warwick

When my wife was pregnant with our first daughter, I started riding with D3O armor under layer and think twice before doing anything, lol. Soon after I just stopped doing rock garden altogether.

This just popped up on my instagram feed.

We’re thrilled to announce that our highly anticipated Warwick Limited Edition 2023 is just around the corner! :star_struck: :star_struck:

As always, we’ll be producing a limited number of these stunning instruments, there will be only 110 TeamBuilt and 25 MasterBuilt worldwide, so make sure to keep an eye out for updates throughout the month. :wink:

We can’t wait to share with you some hints and teasers of the new Limited 2023 and blow you away with its specs.

What are you hoping to see? Let us know in the comments! Eyes :eyes:

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Looks like the Ltd for this year is going to be another Corvette.

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I wonder what pickup configuration that’s gonna be?

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So during the week I was able to (remotely) have a really close look at the Bridge and Nut arrangement on an Alembic.

It’s very obvious that Warwick blatantly copied ermmm, were inspired by the Alembic design. The only real difference I could see was that the saddles are individually adjustable on the Warwick.


Probably going to be double buck or jazz pickup but I would like to see them do something interesting like make them Jazzman style or thumb bass spaced jazz pickups. Or try pj set up like the streamers. Or hell even try soapbars. Just about every configuration Warwick makes sounds killer so id like to them utilize all those options.

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So today I found the time to give the PNut a good clean and fit some new strings.

The Ebony fretboard was filthy but cleaned up well with some Gorgomyte and F1 oil.
Does anyone know the significance of the “Falken” fretmarker on the PNut sig series? I can’t find any reference to it.

I fitted GHS Bass Boomers, my first time trying these strings and then took some photos in a rare moment of Sunshine.


Man that’s is so fantastic @HowlinDawg. Can you please tell me/us more about the PNuts model please. Is it an Artist model or the mainstream model. I really want one but since they are so hard to find I need to learn more about it.

I know that the P is the nutwidth but not really anything else, lol.

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311 Bass Player


As @AnotherJosh said, PNut refers to the bass player from 311.

There are 3 Warwick signature series, all German built Jazzman Streamer neck throughs. The series I and II came with MEC J/MM pickups and MEC 3 way electronics. The III series comes with Seymour Duncan pickups and electronics.

Then theres the Artist Series which are bolt ons. Early ones were built in Korea and later ones were built in China. These come with SD pickups and MEC 2 way electronics.

Mine is a Chinese Artist Series.

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Yeah P-Nut is a person, not a width :slight_smile:

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This guy?

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Oh? So the nut width still 1.5”?

Not sure but nearly all Warwick 4-strings I have seen are 38mm.

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Yes. I thought that it came across my eyes while browsing Warwick website that the pnut was the p bass width.

Nut width is 45mm and they’re 5 string only.
A 5 string Fender (P or J) is 47.6mm

String spacing at the bridge is slightly narrower than a Fender, which I prefer.

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Pics are up…


Wow. Just wow. That’s amazing. Of course, you pay for it.


Marble pound cake, I love it but it’s another $$. I just bought 2, lol.


Now that is something that could seperate me from my money…

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Actually I just got this yesterday. All indications would point to a team made star bass ii for me if one available in gold hardware.