Needs help with Warwick

Ok I need help with the steepish learning curve. I know the basic rock bass, master built and a models but there are some series that I have no idea where it fits.

Pro series corvette standard, is it Asian made or german made?

Are rockbass have rockbass marking on the truss rod cover?

Anyone familiar with the fortress model?

I’m on tilt right now pissed off after the run in with SamAsh I’m on my Warwick hunt right now, lol.

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Pro series are German made, rockbass are asian. The original fortress was made in Germany, but I think they released an asian rockbass version. Rockbass does appear on the trussrod cover.


Wait - it’s not quite that simple :slight_smile:

I think the older (mid-2000s) Pro line was actually the line they did that were made in Korea. Very nice and sought after, basically like a MIJ Warwick.

Edit: yeah, just verified it. Current Pro line - MIG. Older Pro line, either MIK or MIG. Older Warwick ad:


I stand corrected, I thought they called those “standard”


They might have a line called that, but that would be confusing too because “Standard” is also a pickup configuration for the Corvette :slight_smile:


I thought the only real corvette came with double bucks :wink:


That’s the best one :slight_smile:


Ok we are learning something. So the pro series are mig and the proline could be MIJ or mig? But in either case they are better than mic?

I’m really in for the mig fortress but they are passive pj pickups.

My top choice is the dolphin but that’s just a tad out of my gas need

Then @howard showed me the picture of the custom built infinity and I’ve been obsessed over it for a long time.

I like the compact look of the thumb bass and I think it look very similar to the fortress so that’s my 6 degree on that bass.

I’m even thinking about getting a rockbass infinity and put 2 F holes on it.

Anyways how do you decipher this listing

Pro Series Standard Corvette 4 String Fretless Electric Bass Guitar: Guitar Center

Pro now: MIG
Pro a few years ago: MIG or MIK

You can’t, it doesn’t have enough info

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Yeah I know. Hopefully I can get some pictures tomorrow. My guess is it’s it rock bass and some dummy posted as pro series. Lol.

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Oh man getting info on Warwicks is hard and confusing, cuz it changes of yearly basis and they dont update all aspects on their sites. I can send you mail address of Warwicks owner so you can ask stuff. Hes really nice guy and quickly responds.

Im also preparing money for Warwick, only one more thing left to sell.


I miss my Warwick neck. :cry: I had 2 MiG and sold them both because I couldn’t bond with the body of the first and the 5 strings on the second. But both necks were top notch!

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What did you have?

Warwick LX4 Streamer (this was a MiG pro series iirc)

Warwick Corvette

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It’s designed in Germany, I was told. Lol. But made in the republic of China.

That’s a Rockbass, not a Pro.

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Yeah that’s probably why they didn’t post the pictures lol.

The latest is this.
I’d still hoping to get the infinity if I don’t have to deal with that manager from SamAsh. It’s a good price and it comes with Mono bag.

Fortress one from TalkBass but it’s passive

Used from GC Katana custom the pictures was god awful I couldn’t tell the color it’s either black or blue. Hopefully I get better pictures tomorrow.

Corvette $$ from Fret Nation. Exclusive color turquoise satin, new and it looks pretty awesome.

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I vote the $$. I assumed you already scoured Reverb, they had that MIG frettless fortress that looked like a good deal.

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That might be what I’m going to end up. Fret nation just answered my email and asked what’s my magic number. If he accepts or counters we may close the deal tonight, lol.

Here’s the bass

Plus Dan Thompson from Guns’n’Guitars just emailed me too saying my preordered about to go into the custom built, lol.

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