New BassBuzz Content?

I’m starting module 10 and I’m wondering if there are any plans in the works to expand content into something like an intermediate course or a course that focuses only on theory and songwriting as a sort of add on to the b2b foundational course? I would totally spend money for more bassbuzz content that will continue to help me become the best musician/bassist/band member I can be.


@RemoteOutpost There has been a lot of talk about this but Josh hasn’t given us any concrete information yet.

I suggest checking out this thread… What Would You Like To See In The Next Course

Or here… Name for Josh's Advanced Course?


Yes, someday! How’s that for concrete information? :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously - yes, I have many intentions to do all kinds of cool intermediate stuff. Turning intention into reality is a process requiring a lot of time and attention, which I’m currently putting into getting our Youtube channel cooking and some other bits and pieces.

But keep bothering me. :slight_smile:


@JoshFossgreen Could you do a youtube video on walking basslines please


It’s on my list!


@studio: in preparation for the walking bass lines, I suggest you start to learn arpeggios (major 7, minor 7, dominant 7, half-diminished 7, …) as knowledge of these forms the basis for “constructing” walking bass lines. It is a long process to built muscle and other memory for all those arpeggios, in all keys, and preferably over the entire fretboard… I have still only scratched the surface… but, ultimately, very well worth the effort, IMHO :smile: