What Would You Like To See In The Next Course

I had such a blast creating Beginner to Badass for you all, and it’s been a beautiful experience for me to hear all your positive feedback.

I can’t wait to make the next course even more awesome, and while I already have a ton of stuff planned, I’d also love to hear what you most want to learn next! So tell me:

  • What topics would you like to explore in the next course?
  • What would you like more of that you liked in B2B? More improv? Reading? Theory? Song lessons?
  • Now that you’ve finished the course and have the sweet skills you now have, what’s the next accomplishment you want help with? Playing your first gig? Being able to take solos? Something else?

I’m specifically wanting to hear from students who have already taken the course (preferably gone all the way through it). If you haven’t taken Beginner to Badass yet, what are you waiting for?


Haven’t finished your course yet! However I’m happy to hear you are making more! I was actually going to ask about that! This just made my day ! There will be more! You are a wonderful teacher! I’m having a blast learning bass from you! I never thought I’d be able to understand music notes or play a musical instrument. Thank you for changing all that!
Keep up the positive, fun teaching! Thanks -Evan


You ever binge watch a tv series and when it’s over you feel like you are saying goodbye to people you actually know? I know, corny, but I’m on Module 14 and I am dreading it coming to an end.
One thing I do keep thinking about once this is over is learning complete songs.
I’ve found other sites where they do teach entire songs but I don’t feel it is as thorough as your method.
The fact that you have slow workouts, medium and full speed with you teaching finger placement, tempo etc and you playing along instead of just tab and someone playing it full speed then slowed down once would be so much more helpful.
Your 50 first song book that comes with the course would be a nice start to have help with and get those under my “fingers” !
I know that would be a lot more involved then just teaching a small riff of a song.
Whatever you do I know I’ll be signing up for it!


That makes me super happy to hear Evan, thanks for sharing and glad I can help. :smile:


Yes, that happens to me every time I finish The Office or Sense8 again, lol. Luckily you can always go through the course a second time. :slight_smile:

Yeah, like you said, it takes a long time to get through a full song, especially in video form, which is why I opted for shorter passages for the B2B course. I’m actually working on a few full song lessons now (can’t say more yet but you’ll hear about it when it’s out for sure), and would consider working that into the next course. Building a song repertoire is a lot of fun and it would be nice to help you with that more directly.


Happy as well the you are making a new course Josh - I think you will really, sincerely, create the best intermediate/advance course out there just based on the the practical approach you took in creating the beginner course : - I am saying this because I am absolute beginner and tried many courses of different levels but yours remain the best …one thing i would like to see in the next course is more in depth of applied musicatheory - I say applied because that what music theory actually is : not so much abstract talk about music but operational concepts and means to describe music and play it at the same time - and you did that brilliantly in the beginner course - now it is the time to flush it out - people usually hate theory when it is boring and condescending … sign me on, can even pay in advance


Yeah, that’ll definitely be in there. Can’t wait to take the thorough step-by-step approach from B2B and apply it to more scales, modes, arpeggios, and stuff, I’ve heard from so many students over the years who struggle to understand that material the way it’s traditionally presented.

I’ll let you know when the next course is out for sure! It’ll be a while, in the meantime lots more lessons will be appearing in the Free area.


Sorry I haven’t finished Beginner to Badass yet, so my apologies if this is already covered – but I’d love to improve my technical skills. As in, training to prevent flying fingers, get better at stretches, and producing clearer, cleaner sounds, etc.


It is covered to a degree, but since everything you mentioned is part of a looooooong learning process, I’ll cover that stuff even more in the next course, for sure. :slight_smile: How far along in Beginner to Badass are you?

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Only about halfway! After almost one year … difficult to find time. Although I’m picking up speed!


Cool, well you’ll definitely find some more technique challenges as you go then. :slight_smile:

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More shirtless instructing. Also - more dancing.


hahahaha lol when does he go shirtless?


It’s part of the follow up course… “Badass to Shirtless”. Advanced level stuff, risk of chaffing etc.


Lol, I think by “more shirtless instructing” @Gio meant “more than none,” which is the current amount, @Cowscout123. We’ll have to do some shirtless stuff for a Red Hot Chili Peppers course or something. :stuck_out_tongue: :tshirt::-1:


More than none is the easiest place to start from!!
Also - essential to a decent RHCP lesson. SO much of his sound and tone is from the fact that he has no shirt on. Most people don’t pick up on that, sadly.


A section on “real world” advice- for example, tips on how to find others to play with, what to do if you show up at an open jam, how to learn more about “equipment,” like if I want to also sing, how/where can I add a microphone, what to do if you’ve learned a song in the Key of A and they want to switch it to G. How to get more chops . . .etc, etc, etc.


This is gold. If there are more cool ideas and details in place of the etc, etc, bring 'em on!


More theory (applied), working with chord charts and Nashville numbers. More vamping with drums and creating bass lines. What to do with all those little unidentifiable knobs on my bass. What are those things with knobs that some bass players have on top of their amps? Do I need one? How to adjust my amp. I love your course. It really got this beginner up and running and hungry for more! Thank you!