What Would You Like To See In The Next Course


y’all have great suggestions. I see the next course taking shape as you type!!


Thanks for all the great ideas @Glamma!

@gwenakin, I do cover chord charts and Nashville numbers a bit in the Beginner to Badass course, not sure if you got there yet, but will definitely have more in the next one!

Re: the knobs on your bass, the trick there is that it depends on your instrument. If you start a thread with the name of your bass and/or a photo we can help you figure that out!


I’d really like to see you give specific instruction on 5 string instruments. Maybe a little “mini chapter/video for that.)

Otherwise just keep up the good work and give us the next level of instruction that will serve as the foundation for our continued growth. Good solid technique and theory without too much fluff and I’m sold for life!


Do you have an eta for your next course Josh? :slight_smile:


Good suggestion, noted!

@albatrossblue, not at the moment. I would love a late 2019 release, but don’t quote me on that!


I agree with the 5 string idea. I would also like to see some lessons on tapping.


Stuff about micing to a pa etc ?


Cool idea Justin! More stuff about dealing with live sound, gigging basics would be good too I bet.




Video vamping with a drummer. Video lesson with bass and drummer giving an explanation on timing and how to work together. Hope a follow up to the cours it out 2019 :wink:


Thanks for the suggestions! I would love to do some bass and drums lessons. “How To Avoid Making Your Drummer Angry.” :slight_smile:


Yes - and then post the other side: Drummers - how to keep your bassist happy.
Go over the main points:
1.) Bring him/her coffee
2.) …
3.) … I think that’s it. Bring him/her coffee.


So I assume the next set of lessons will be Intermediate? And you also plan a 3rd ser of lessons for advanced, and a 4th set for expert? :wink:
I would take it all. I like your teaching method.

I would like more in depth music theory, and more lessons on playing with a pick. I feel I am playing a new instrument when I play with a pick. I would also like to see lessons on chords, and lastly, tips to adapt to common different bass tunings like GDAD.

Anyhow, i am sure I will learn new stuff.

I saw end of 2019! I marked your words. :wink:


My hope is to take off where Beginner to Badass left off, so eventually we’ll work out way into intermediate and advanced territory. Really excited to cover stuff that is so rarely taught in a clear usable way. But yeah, from there, who knows where we’ll go!

Ideas noted! And don’t count on any particular date at this point, it’s bound to be heartbreak. :broken_heart::stuck_out_tongue:


Yes i would like to have courses from the next level past beginner to badass. I really dig that course of lessons. Im about to start the 4th module. I believe you are a great teacher. You make learning the bass very fun for me. I would like to have lessons from you that covers intermediate and advance badass lessons.




Thanks @Munderwood2006, great to hear that! More lessons are on their way. :slight_smile:


Modes and Pentatonics


Yes! It’ll be there.


I’m going to echo the others Josh, I will be patiently waiting with credit card in hand for a “Intermediate to incredible” series :grimacing: