New Boss wireless headphones/amp

I like everything but the price :frowning: probably worth it though, at least I’d use it lots, not like my Katana amp that just sits in the corner…

A practice gamechanger for bassists? Boss reveals Waza-Air Bass headphone amp


Saw it too, loved the idea but didn’t love the price. I’ve got a licenced edition of FruityLoops so digital based effects aren’t an issue. It’s a justification thing for me I guess.

However for those of you who don’t have a digital-based way of plugging in and practising, give this some thought.

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I was all for getting it – Till I saw the price :frowning:

Just sharing the marketing video.

The guitar version is a lot cheaper now. I would wait anyway because that price is over the top imo. My guess is that the price will drop a bit in 3 months.