New Fender Rumble Studio series - any opinions?


I know that Josh had previously recommended the Rumble 40 as a good beginner’s amp, but also one that generally could be used for practice and even smaller venues. I just saw that there is now a new series from Fender called “Rumble Studio ###”, which seems to be related to the other Rumble models, but also feature emulation of a number of classic and modern amp models as well as some effects.
Anyone in the forum who has already tried one of these, say the Rumble Studio 40, and could share their experience with me/us!?


Haven’t tried one, but I tend to not get interesting in modeling amps… I don’t like music gear to feel like computer programming - if I did I’d just run everything through post-processing and modeling and stuff. So I like the old-school simplicity of analog/things that just sound how they sound, usually.

That said, this could be a great sounding amp, I haven’t tried it! It has some nice features the regular Rumble doesn’t, like Pre and Post XLR outs.


Thanks for chiming in, Josh! Much appreciated!