Newbie woes

Ok. I’m still very new at this thing they call a bass. I love it, don’t get me wrong, and I’m no complainer. Y’all have helped me out so much. So I have a 2005 fender jazz bass, I love it. It’s one heavy sucker. I have a strap that pulls and is very uncomfortable. Just ordered the levy 4.5 strap, from reading all the topics here and online. Will this help? I probably need to realign the way I practice physically as well. Any other suggestions? I appreciate all you, y’all are pretty cool.


I am not familiar with this particular strap, but if you use a wider, more padded strap it should definitely help.

Is your pain/discomfort mostly around the shoulders and your neck? Or is it also affecting your back/lower back and other parts?

I might not be the best help here, as I play mostly sitting without a strap (tsk, tsk), but unless your ambition is to play a lot of gigs, you might want to test (at least) how it is to play seated (with a strap). I would hope that this should be more comfortable for you :smile:


Check out this section of the forum with over 300 entries.

It’s always a good idea to do a search before starting a new topic. It keeps the forum less cluttered :slightly_smiling_face:

Show us your straps!

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A Levy’s 4.5-inch strap is excellent and very comfortable. Its leather material, width and padding help make wearing a bass much easier.

As Josh recommends, the strap’s overall length should allow you to have the strap in the same position while seated or standing. This might mean that the bass will be pretty high high on the torso when standing, but the playability of the bass will be consistent.

Every body is different, however, so experiment with the strap’s length to determine what strap length works best for you.

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I have that strap and I do absolutely love it. I would also recommend selling your bass and getting a lighter one. Some people don’t really mind a heavy bass, but if you do, you should absolutely be making your choice based on comfort. I am far from an expert, but I have bought and sold a few bases and, in my opinion, comfort is far more important than the variations from the different pick ups. You can do a lot with pedals and string choice to get a tone but if the bass is not comfortable,I at least play worse. I have a reverend sentinel base not because I necessarily wanted a P bass but because it is perfectly balanced and 7.2 pounds .


I got the strap you suggested and what difference it makes. Well worth the money. It’s so nice and quality made I’m sure to have it for a long time.