Notation wrong or Noteflight wrong or something I'm missing?

When I struggle with something and want to play it reaaaally slow but still want to get the rythm right I usually make a notation in noteflight where I can easily adjust the playback tempo and everything is still in time and pitch without sounding awkwardly stretched.

Today I started for the hardest bass riff which I already had a question for in the how to slap and pop faster thread.

Now I tried to put these 3 bars into noteflight and am running into a problem. This is the original notation:

And here’s how far I got while writing the notation into noteflight:

My guess is that he wrote the notation without double checking it so although he’s the one who composed it I don’t think the notation is necessarily 100% correct.

According to noteflight there’s no space for 2 16th notes anymore. My first instinct is to remove the slur at the start and think of the last note in the second bar as legato instead of having it overhang as an 8th note in the third bar but I wanted to hear what you guys think.

Here’s the bass riff: Hardest Bass Riff Tutorial || 69GUY - YouTube
At first it’s played in normal speed and then much slower.


Your fifth note is wrong, it should be a dotted eighth note, not a dotted quarter, per the original score. It is then followed by a dotted quarter not in your score. I stopped there though.

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Ufff, thanks for pointing that out. Sometimes if you stare at something too long you miss obvious things. Now I feel stupid.

Your correction, of course, is right but that makes it even worse.

Because now I can’t even copy the second bar, because then there’s only a 16th rest where I should put a dotted 8th and 16th note.:

I guess I can’t rely on the notation for the rythm.

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I guess I would try to locate where the beats are in the original (i.e., the quarters you might tap out with your foot) and use those as guidelines - this makes it typically easier to group notes together that are equivalent to a quarter note.

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Good suggestion, but I think it is very hard as there is no musical context the bass is put in. It’s purely the bass playing.

I guess to practice it in slow speed I will just speed the original down and live with the awkwardly stretched sounds. At least youtube gets the pitch right when changing the speed :slight_smile:

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Yes, I understand, the missing context makes it extra hard. But, still, even when (or especially when) practicising, you need to know where the downbeats are and how many notes “go together”. I am not sure I am making sense, but in the original the first downbeat is on the G, the next on the ghost note E, the third on that lone Bb and the fourth on the D (grace note notwithstanding), and so on.

By the way, if you invest in Transcribe! (for several reasons), you can pull any mp3 into Transcribe and freely adjust the tempo (while maintaining pitch), i.e., not just the three settings YT has :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


a) I do own Transcribe!
b) Seems you never saw the “Custom” link when adjusting speed

0.05 increments are good enough for me.

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:man_facepalming: I guess not… :grin:

Anyway, with Transcribe!, you don’t need to re-enter it note for note (even though, that is - in itself - a good exercise)

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I gave this a little bit of thought and the reason I shy away from it - I would not have guessed it like that without the notation.
Assuming it’s even common time 4/4, just by hearing

The way I would have put the downbeats without having the notation at hand would have been:
G(+8) to G to muted E to D and then the next bar.
So even in the first bar I would have made a mistake that would caused the grouping of notes to be misaligned, because I would assume the first downbeat I hear. It’s probably not even completely wrong but I think I would make more of a mess of things than to create clarity for myself.


Hm, OK, I guess I didn’t quite understand what the challenge was… I thought you wanted to get the transcribed score into noteflight. But, of course, if you have to assume that the first transcription is already flawed, then it’s an uphill battle.

I hadn’t listened to the audio before, but I would say this is almost useless since the guy doesn’t play along a metronome.

Why are you torturing yourself with this stuff?? :crazy_face:

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That was the goal

Exactly! And the way it’s written down has to be wrong at one point or another. I very much assume that noteflight knows quite well how many notes go into one bar of 4/4 :wink:

I like how it sounds and it goes through various techniques I want to learn.

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OK, then it is back to what @howard said: that first A you have should be an eighth note, while you have a dotted quarter note there in your first attempt. In your second attempt, you have it as a dotted eighth note; that is not correct - it is just an eighth note. That A as an eighth note together with the preceding triplet makes a full quarter note. Then comes a full quarter D and then the figure that starts with the grace note.

Then, the high C in the second bar is also not dotted, and neither is the low E. Maybe you mistook the dot above the note, which indicates “staccato” for a dot behind the note, which prolongs it by half its value!?!




I actually misread them as dotted too, which as pointed out, they aren’t :slight_smile: