Sorry if this is mentioned elsewhere I couldn’t find the search function.

Does anyone have problems with Noteflight? I find it glitchy and not usable about 20% of the time.

I contacted Noteflight with some videos, but they haven’t responded.

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Hi @PJ. The search function is the magnifying glass in the top right beside Help. If you’re on a phone, you have to turn it sideways to see it.

I haven’t used Noteflight. So, not much help there.

@Celticstar didn’t you mention using Noteflight?

I think @JoshFossgreen has mentioned he uses Noteflight, actually, in the playback tracks in B2B lessons.

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What I’m saying is that when I try to play the first 50 songs, the player doesn’t work correctly on either phone, pc, or tv.

I appreciate your responsiveness, Eric. You fit in well with this forum.

Also, I’m using the app and there is no magnifying glass.

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Maybe try rotating your phone to landscape and see if it appears. I seem to remember having this same problem.

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I may have mentioned it when I was looking for software to write sheet music but I settled on using Musescore 4.0 :+1:

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Oh! Okay. My bad. I’ve had so much different software on the brain I got confused.

I just went and played a full song just to see if something was going on. It worked for me, without issue, using a PC.

I’m going to punt this off to @JoshFossgreen . I’m sure he and his tech team can help you get it resolved.

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Rotating it does make it appear. Thank you.


Not a problem.
I also use Transcribe and Song Surgeon when I transcribe a song.

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Hey @PJ , sorry you’re having Noteflight issues? Would you send more details here and we can try to get you sorted -

Is anyone else having problems with Noteflight? It’s always been reliable on my end, curious if it might be something local to PJ’s side, or if there are common issues.


Thanks, Josh.

I will record new videos. It happens on my phone, laptop, and tv.

Here is Jackie Wilson. The lines being played are obscured several times in this cliip.

Okay, I can’t upload. I have an .mp4. What should I convert it to?

@PJ you can’t upload videos here. You’ll have to upload it to YouTube, or Vimeo, or any cloud storage solution (Google Drive, OneDrive or similar) and then link it here.

Okay, I goofed and posted my video in the wrong place:

This appears to be some kind of tracking problem.

I have more from my laptop and TV.

Interesting, so it seems like it’s working okay when you fullscreened, but without that it wasn’t flowing correctly? Have you tried the other view modes? (like Page)

Hi Josh. I believe I toggled through the views on this video. Does it look to you like it’s it is cutting the tabs off on the bottom? I haven’t transitioned reading music, yet. Still working on it. I’m so greatful for this course!

It looks okay when you go to fullscreen, that’s how Flow view should look. If you wanna see it page by page, more zoomed out (my preference) try Page view instead of Flow.