Ok pedalboard noob here please school me

I’ve never thought of myself as a pedal guy really. Never thought I needed one. The era I play at gigs we use racks and that’s the engineer’s job,lol.

This morning I did some house cleaning, OMG!
I have
Providence dual bass station
Providence Vitalizer booster
Providence provost 9 power station
Boss AW-3 dynamic wah
And a boss GT-1B multi effect.

I’m thinking about getting a pedal board. I like the NUX bumblebee look probably get the large. Would it be ok if I put everything on it, meaning can I mix pedals and multi effect together and since I have the dual bass station where do I put it on the chain.

As the matter of fact how would you arrange them?

Do you recommend a different pedalboard. As silly as it sounds I don’t put my foot to switch anything, lol.

I also have the roland GR 55 for my Willcox Saber VL but I’m not putting it on the board.

Many thanks to all advice and suggestions, I’m definitely looking forward to all.


There are lots of posts with advice such as you’re looking for in some of our pedalboard threads. Do a search and you’ll find them.


Check out this article about pedal order…
Pedalboard 101: Order of Pedals | WIRED GUITARIST

Yes, you can mix pedals with a multi-fx but it can become complicated depending on what effects you’re using from the multi-fx. Not that anything will break, it’s just a matter of how to combine it all for best results.

Start with bass to amp and dial in the sound you like
Then add one pedal at a time till you find what works best.
Once you have it ordered how you like and you know what you want on the board then you will know what size board to look for.

What amp are you using?
Specifically, how do you use the GT-1B?
Will you be traveling and gigging with this pedalboard?

This should be in the #gear section… That’s where you’ll find threads such as this one:

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Thanks. I read through and searched a few threads before posting mine but they are more like “effect” guitars pedals. Mine was more eq and boost aside for wah and multi effect.

As for the gt-1b, beside maybe signal boost, I’m not combining with any other pedals.

I guess I’ll order the board and we’ll go from there. Lol

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Like everything, it depends, and I break a few ‘rules’ because it sounds good to me.

My Chain….
TC Polytune Tuner (should be in front of chain)
C4 Synth (needs to be in front of chain before effects) (w/Disaster Area OMC.micro PRO - works with C4 to cycle through 128 memory slots of synth effects)
MCR Envelope Filter (typically you want envelopes before distortion, etc classic funk)
Darkglass Hyperluminal Compressor
Boss OC-5 Octave (pitch sifters usually closer to front)
Boss PS-6 Harmonizer (use a lot for sax, can go after distortion but I like feeding the distortion with it)
Iron Ether Xerograph Deluxe (filter/envelope, kinda like the envelope filters but way weirder)
Darkglass Microtubes B7K (Drive/Distortion)
Tech 21 VT Bass DI (Drive/Distortion)
Gamechanger Plasma (Ridiculous Distortion)
MXR Phase 90 (generally near end after distortion)
MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe (generally near end after distortion)
TC Flashback2 Delay (close to the end of chain)
Gamechanger Light Pedal Reverb (end of chain, some swap with delay)
TC Ditto+ Looper

Source Audio Reflex Expression Pedal
Controls Reverb, Iron Ether, Harmonizer and Synth parameters

The whole thing is powered by a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 3 Plus and a Pedal Power X8, gives me one power cord to the board for everything (20 500ma isolated outputs). Even powers the LED lights underneath).

I generally follow the ‘guidelines’ but found in a few cases some things worked better in different places. I have moved a lot of stuff around and am very happy to not change a thing.

There are some very generic chain diagrams which are a good place to start, then experiment…THEN mount on your board.


Thanks @John_E , 17 pedals,hey? Wow. What kind of board is that?

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HA! I never counted.

I have a Zoom B1Four as well.

And a Gamechanger Bigsby on preorder.

It’s an overpriced Voodoo labs Large Dingbat.


I’m thinking about the nux bumblebee L.

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Those are cool but small. That small not sure you need a step like that, but it is very cool looking.

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So, as you can see looking at John’s board, it really doesn’t matter what board you get. Once the pedals are on it, you barely even see it.

There’s basically two tiers - the expensive modular ones that don’t require velcro, and all the rest.

If you buy in the second tier, my advice is to not waste your money and go with the cheapest possible solution. There is essentially zero utility difference at all between a $150 Pedaltrain and a $30 used Donner. They are basically just metal racks, a coathanger for pedals that you never see again once the pedals are on them. Put the money into a better power supply instead.

The top tier modular ones can be cool though, and it is nice to avoid velcro. So worth checking out. They weren’t my choice, but you might like them.

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Ya I did it the $$$ way
Dumb in hindsight.

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Not dumb, common really. Just not optimal :slight_smile:

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In that case I would put the Dual Bass Station first and the GT-1B last and follow the schematic @John_E posted for the rest. That will get you started. The rest will come down to personal preference.

I like Pedaltrain boards. They’re sturdy and have simplicity to them that works for me. I also expect to be travelling a lot over the next few years and I wanted a nice case to be able to transport it safely. Also they have a pedal planner to help you figure out what size board you need.

You can find the pedal planner here…
Pedal Board Planner
They have iOS and Android app version in addition to a website version. The website version is 12 years old but it still works well enough. I used it when planning out my board.

Warning! It’s far too easy to fall in a pedal planning hole and spend hours playing with the apps. I did have fun with it though.

Also, you might like Temple Audio boards. Quite a few people around here have gotten them including Josh. They are pretty high end with all the bells and whistles you can get with them.

If you’re not planning to travel around with it, it might be easier not to have one at all. Once everything is attached and cabled together it can be a pain to switch things around when you want to test other setups.


For some reason I didn’t like the dimensions of these. I really wanted to go this route but it didn’t work out.

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I didn’t care for them either. But quite a few others around here do.

Also check out My First Pedalboard! for more inspiration. This thread helped me tons!

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