One finger per fret warmups and exercises

I’ve made a printout of some 1FPF warmups and exercises I’ve been doing. Thought I’d share them here as well, in case anyone’s interested.

- = 1/4


- = 1/8











The only thing I’d add to these permutations / variations on the one finger per fret idea is this:
Try them from the 5th or 7th fret (with first finger) rather than the first.
It can be much nicer for your hand to work in that middle area of the neck rather than the monster stretches of the 1st fret.
Then - if all is well and your hand is up for it, move down towards the 1st fret.


I like where. you are going with this.
Practicing with a metronome, or backing track and starting slow and building speed over time would be great technique practice

Here is a little modification for another one.
And I wrote it the way you did, but I felt better playing it starting on
the 7th fret.
you can do it where ever on the neck is most comfortable for starters as @gio pointed out, so the notation could be considered fingers instead of the fret numbers, and just play where you want.


This could easily be 1/4 notes instead of 1/8 notes, I just copied yours and modified it.

Also, beware of flying fingers. one reason to start really slow, slower then you want to cuz you think you are more advanced then that (speaking for myself, IDK about you, but I have to remind myself to slow down, that I am not a pro and that playing slow will be better for me in the long run)
but the slow play allows you to pay attention to the other fingers, and leave then down or as low as possible

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