One Year Anniversary

I hadn’t logged into the Forum for a while and here it was: the 1 Year Anniversary badge.
I have been thinking about writing something about me being into bass playing for about a year and the badge compelled me to do so at last.
One year ago I strapped in the bass for the first time. Now a year later I play in a little local band of covers, can play some Muse and RHCP tunes (which i thought would be kind of impossible when i started) and while I obviously put some work into it I have to thank again Josh and B2B course for helping me start this journey.
I am no more a beginner (nor I am a badass) but really what i learnt via Josh’s course (and free YT content as well) is the foundation of it all.
It’s been only a year, but it was worth it.
That’s it, I needed to tell this.
Have you all a great time guys and ladies! :slight_smile:


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Fingers faster than brain I suspect, corrected.

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