Ooppps I did it again 😱

Reckon I’ll be having my eBay privileges taken away :joy:


You should customize your browser so everytime you wanna buy something you see a picture of Terry Crews

Just kidding. Have fun with your new amp.




:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
:guitar: :slightly_smiling_face: :guitar:


Congratz I think


I hope so :pray:
Don’t think I’ll be able to pick it up until tomorrow :frowning: I’m not driving atm and my missus is off to a demonstration to try and stop the government shooting our wild horses


Well I got my sticky fingers on my new amp after all. Absolute bargain! To say I’m pleased is an understatement. Bloody heavy old bit of kit which could be a draw back but the tone is amazing.

Next…pedals and I am seriously thinking a Zoom B1x four may be a good starting point or if I’m feeling flush maybe a used Boss set up


Mac that’s great, how is the sound? Unless you have tae lug it round heavy is great. @mac
B1 Four is an amazing bit of kit for £50, for me it’s w-a-y beyond me at the moment but I’m learning. It seems to have everything I will need. My thinking was that I can then buy pedals as and when I need them or get at a good price.
There is loads of info on the forum and It seems to be a lot of forum members first pedal. Did I mention it’s fekin great fun. :rofl:


That’s what I have been doing. I have the B1-four in my pedal chain. I find it best as a single pedal in stomp mode, or 2 max. I was using my Fuzz pedal into the B1-four set in stomp box mode, using a dingle slot with the octave pedal. And it dounded pretty good, but then I was useing the Octavebass from B14 with the Fuzz pedal in bypass, and I kinda liked that single pedal a little better. My fuzz pedal was a test buy from amazon, and I am most likely sending it back, cuz the bi4 does it better with one box.

But then I found the TC Electronics Nether pedal for a good price (well, it’s just a good priced pedal for what it does) and am prob gonna order it. I do mean to ask @howard how he likes his. I am gonna order it because there are other single effects in the B14 that are dood with an outside octave pedal.

Also, looking at @JoshFossgreen pedalboard, he has a multitude of octaver and harmonizer (octave) pedals. It appears to be his most used pedal, and possibly combined effect. I have a donner narmonizer pedal which is pretty fun, and cheap @$45. You can go degrees of an octave to 1 or 2 octaves. And you can go down, up, or retune. Lots of interesting sounds from this pedal, and sent into the fuzz pedal I have is pretty raspy, especially when you go two octaves up. I should note that there are 4 controls on the pedal. The main selector, the wet signal, the dry signal, and the Hi/defund/low toggle switch. So with full dry signal, the wet at 1-2 o’clock, and 2 octaves up (high), into fuzz, it is some fun.
I was jammimg hysteria, and you get the low fuzzy feeling chased (good way to but it because it trails juts a bit behind the note) by a high piercing note, that really makes things pop. It seperates it into a distorted, fuzzy blend of the driving baseline, with a screaming high octave pitch that is awesome when you are hitting all the right notes. And it lets you know when you missed one, so aside from sounding awesome, it’s a great practice aid because you can’t hide behind the fuzz.
I had first thought I would be returning this pedal because there are better octave pedals out there, but after a few hours on it, I am going to keep it, along with another octave pedal, prob the Nether, but if not, the B14 has what I need for now.
I will be returning the Amon Fuzz I got for $38, because on Offer up there are a bunch of fuzz pedals for $40-$50, like actual Big Muff PI’s, or this Hartke Fuzz pedal that is pretty dang raspy

Anyway, there is a lot to be had from the B14, a lot you can learn from it in Stomp mode (even if you build a chain inside it, it is not the perfect sound to me that way, but it helps teach you what pedals you will want to get, which to buy first, 2nd, 3rd, etc… and how to line them up on the board.) and it’s good as a tuner, and a single effect pedal in a pedal board chain, or when the board is done, it is a great Amp and Cab modeler.

I love the pedalboard with all the physical design, build, and playing around with pedals, but I can’t say enuf good things about the B14. I certainly have gotten my money’s worth, and it’s still brand new, so I got many more years with it yet.

Besides, it’s my number one headphone amp, and the portability of it allows me to test used Basses out of my trunk before I buy them.


It sounds awesome mate :+1:
Not had the volume above 2 with the guitar volume down too but I’ve had a good play around with the equaliser and that’s pretty cool.
Reckon it might drown my Harley out on full volume :joy:


Awesome information thanks T_Dub .
I’ll certainly be getting the Zoom at some point in the near future even to use as a stomp and “ educational “ aid to point me in the right direction for future purchases.


That’s a good way to use the Zoom. Great value, sounds awesome too. It’s not a toy, people gig with them. Stu Hamm and Marcus Miller use them live. The Boss units aren’t really a step up. (Line6 Helix are, however.)

The Nether is good, I love mine, but it’s basically just a decent Boss OC-2 clone. If that’s what you want, great. If you want a TC Octaver that is more top tier, go with the POG.


Thanks Howard :+1:
I’ll go and have a browse at the Line6 Helix now


Or if you want a more stage-ready Zoom, check out the B3n. I had one and it is great. Its advantage over the B1four is that it is easier to use as a set of stompboxes.


Really, I didn’t know that. Does it clone other popular pedals like the B1-4, or does it just have the effect for you to customize. For instance, the B1-4 clones the TC Electronics Corona for one of the chorus effects. Is it the same in the B3n?
I think there was one really cheap here on Let Go, for like $25 or $30.

Is it as good as the zoom.

I only ask, because with the route I am going, with the B1-4 and a pedalboard, and not relying on the Zoom for all my needs. I could technically still return my Zoom (I bought it in one of the dates which they extended all returns on amazon. I have til end of June or something.

Was just thinking, I could return it if the b3n is as good, and turn the B1-4 into a nice pedal.

Not sure I am serious or not, but maybe if it’s good as the other.

Also, I did get a new pedal delivered today. I am in love with it, Instantly, from the second I turned it on, I could just feel the high quality sound from it, and it really is a quality OD pedal, better then anything I had by far. It is the EarthquakerDevices “Plumes” pedal. It is amazing, the things you can do with it.
Pretty cool what I could do with it combined with the Donner Harmonizer.

I think I will go for the Nether @howard. It’s low priced, and quality, not just cheap. It’s from GC, so 90 day return policy in case I find it won’t do what I want, but I am pretty sure it will be what I am looking for, thanks.

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Wait:, I just re read @howard, and see you said the B3n is more stage ready as a set of boxes.
I know the design is kind of like 3 pedals side by side, but can’t you actually chain like 7 effects with it? Are only 3 of them stomp box selectable?

Maybe I will look it up online and see what it’s features are.


The B3n has the same effects as the B1four, but can chain more, and more importantly, has a UI with three sets of knobs and displays to control the patches/pedals and not just one. Plus it has physical bypass switches for each of them.

In patch mode, it has three separate patches there, but in stomp mode, it displays and allows tweaking of three effects at a time out of the patch chain. This is usually enough as often you’ll have a couple slots taken up with things you don’t tweak much (like the cab sim). You can then scroll the pedals you are looking at right and left in the effects chain to move to control other ones. It’s a very usable UI.

It’s also made of metal.

The rest is a lot like the B1four. Same effects models, similar (but faster) processor.

They ran ~$140 used the last I checked.


Ah cool, so if I see one as cheap as I think I saw one, I will snatch it for sure. Also, correct me if I am wrong @howard, but there is an expression pedal loop on it also?
Does it have DI also?

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No expression pedal, no DI. I think an external pedal will work with it but I was never interested in one, so I can’t say.

The older B3 had a DI and also a built in USB audio interface, sadly they removed both from the B3n.


Ah, ok, ty

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