Open Mic night, and Pam meets the Acoustic Bass

A lady who works at one of the local music stores here in the Phoenix area has been inviting me to attend one of her acoustic open mic sessions that she conducts at a local brew pub. I haven’t had the courage to go, but last night I finally acquiesced, and went with some of my friends. I left my bass at home with the intention of simply checking it out.
Brenda and her partner played most of the sets, with Brenda on acoustic bass and her partner on acoustic guitar. Brenda also plays guitar, as well as sings wonderfully.
During one of the breaks, Brenda asked me if I’d like to come up and play her acoustic bass. With trembling hands, I took a sip of my beer and shook my head. No way was I going to go up on that stage and play in front of all these people. But Brenda and my friends encouraged me to try it. I took another big gulp of my beer and finally gave in, agreeing only to do one song. After all, I said to myself, nobody threw tomatoes at that awful banjo player that had played a few numbers earlier.
I went onto the stage and strapped on Brenda’s acoustic bass. It was light as a feather compared to my 5 string Yamaha, and the neck was so short I could reach the first fret with hardly moving my arm. I played a couple of scales with the amp turned way down, just to get used to the short neck and the lack of a B string (I’m used to the 5 string). After a huddle with Troy the guitar player, we decided on “Sunshine of your Love”, which is one of the songs I have been practicing. We cranked up the amp, and away we went.
It was a weird experience: Playing acoustic bass for the first time while also performing before an audience for the first time. I somehow got through the entire song with only a few screw-ups along the way, but Troy was very supportive. I managed to survive without any boos or hisses from the audience, and actually got a nice round of applause at the end.
What a night!


Very cool, an experience you won’t soon forget. So should we assume your taking your bass back there next time you go?


What an awesome experience! Congrats!!

And, yes, in situations like this it is fantastic to play with someone who is really steady and helps the “newbie” overcome stage fright and smaller hiccups :smile:


Good for you! I can’t wait to join in with others like that too. You are an inspiration!


Super great to hear, @PamPurrs . . . :slight_smile:

Hope you get even more chances to play!

All best, Joe


Yes, Brenda told me although it’s supposed to be an acoustic open mic, they allow electric basses.


So, so, so damn cool @PamPurrs!! So happy for you! Totally BADASS!!!


Well done!


that’s badass as f*ck ! well done Pam :grin: :+1:


Congratulations on stepping up and making it happen! I’ve only progressed to practicing with a band once a month, but absolutely cannot wrap my head around the concept yet of playing in front of people! I hope to get there with more practice and confidence, but not there yet. Very cool you got that opportunity, and better yet you emerged successfully on the other side!


Awesome @PamPurrs, you truly are a Rockstar (and a Bad Ass Bass Girl). That must have been so cool. Glad you enjoyed it.


Congratulation @PamPurrs! That’s awesome! Maybe next time someone in the audience can record it and you can post it.


@PamPurrs Continuing to show us why she has the Bad Ass Bass Gal tag!
I’m inspired. :+1:


That’s gotta be a tough one, but, now that you’ve pulled it off, should all be way easier next time, with your own bass, and a little more comfort with the audience.

So nice to hear! BABG for sure!!


Sorry, that Girl should have been Gal


Morale of the story: Drink more beer!

Well done Pam!


Just when I was building excitement to go to another open mic, I find out they’ve been cancelled til further notice. :roll_eyes: More of the Coronavirus madness.


I hear you, @PamPurrs . . . :angry:

It’s getting ridiculous over here . . . my apartment’s management office is “closed” , my dentist is “closed”, I need an appointment to get into my bank’s lobby, etc. etc. yadda yadda yadda . . .

But it’s all in the name of my personal “safety” :wink: (I’m sure)

Cheers, Joe :heart:


It’s annoying… it’s disruptive… but it is so so necessary!! It is all about containing the spread of the virus! The more we spread it, the more people WILL die! And the longer this situation will last!

The problem is how “sneaky” the virus is… it’s two weeks before you might even notice something in your own body… all the while you are likely spreading it…

Authorities are over-reacting with “crazy” measures and regulations!? Maybe… but that is because they are reacting too late…

I don’t like it either, but it is the only sane thing to do right now!

So, stay home y’all and practice that bass :grin:


Yeah, agree with Joerg, completely.