Opinions On Squier Bronco?

I was hoping to purchase the Fender Squier Bronco, specifically the Limited Edition purple one. I would like a short scale for my slightly small hands while I’m still getting the hang of playing bass guitar. Does anyone own a Bronco? I want to make sure it’s the right one for me.


Welcome @Grunge_Goblin

I don’t own a Bronco but I have a mustang 30" scale. They (both Fender and Squier) are fun to play. There are many reason to own a short scale bass slightly smaller hands usually not a good reason to get one, lol. Get it if you like the color and/ or the bass just don’t limit yourself to short scale.

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Thanks for the advice. I do love the color, and it definitely sounds like a fun bass from the videos(the bronco to specify).

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Bronco has a different pickup so upgrade later would be a bit harder, well less selections, but for the price you can’t complain, lol. it has the '51 style P pickup. I dig it. I love the color too.

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I’ve been looking up if you can spray paint pickguards so I might take it off and spray it gold for that purple and gold style. Spray and clear coat is a lot cheaper than a custom guard I found on Ebay.

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For $167 you cannot go wrong.
Worth a shot.

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check out one of our short scale threads “short love” for a lot of ss info. there are a ton of reasons to play ss and also a ton of reasons not to. #1 not to is “I have small hands”. just check YouTube for the millions of kids killing it on full scale basses (ahem, ellenplaysbass). that being said that bass looks amazing and I have been tempted as hell to get one.

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It went out of stock before I could buy it. Does anyone know when they replenish their stock?

I had a Bronco. It’s nice for the price but the pickup is horrible. In fact it’s a Stratocaster pickup, with 6 poles, hidden under a flat cover. But you can easily replace it for a Strat-sized humbucker. I replaced the pickup for an EMG P on mine, sounded really great.

Also the fret work, the tuning machines and the bridge are very basic on the Bronco’s. But yeah, nothing surprising for such a low price tag.

I would doubt they will.
They marked it down for a reason - probably low sales, which means that might be it fo that model.

I actually did Email them. They said it should be returning in May 2024. Kind of a long wait, but it’ll be waiting for me.

Can you send a link to that pickup you were talking about?

and at an even hight price I would assume.

it is getting near black friday and cyber monday time.
You will find loads of deals everywhere.
Pay attention to Pro Audio Star, Sweetwater and GC etc to see what they offer up as sometimes these lower end products can be had for a steal

Thank you.

yep, in fact it was an EMG HB which is an EMG P in a guitar humbucker form

note that it requires to modify the pickguard, and maybe the body, I don’t remember

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How would you modify the pickguard?

the EMG HB is larger than the original pickup, so the pickup hole in the pickguard has to be enlarged.

Otherwise, a Strat-sized pickup with blade magnets works fine too and does not requires any modification.

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Thank you.

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I have the Squier Sonic Bronco Bass I picked up for $209 from Reverb. I do like it. My favorite short scale Bass is my Gibson Tribute Double-Cutaway, but you can’t get them new from Gibson anymore, but you could probably get one on Reverb too. Remember, you get what you pay for. No bells and whistles. Sounds pretty good. Another I like in the price range between the two is the Sterling Stingray short scale. That one really growls. Unfortunately I sold it as I want a full size Stingray and when the money situation is right again.