Other hobbies?

Just getting into podcasts recently as my non-music listening has been mainly Howard Stern for decades, but here are the ones that really get my attention…


(And no, SBL is not one of them)

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Sam Harris is excellent. Now my favourite recommendation for an oddball but excellent podcast is Criminal. Crime stories but often unusual, sometimes funny. Check out ‘He’s neutral’ to see if you might like it.

If you are into RPG gaming, game design, or writing, the best podcast (IMO) is Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff
Writer and game designer Robin Laws and game designer and writer Ken Hite spend an hour every week talking about writing, weird history, occultists, conspiracy theories, and how those things can be game-ified. They also talk about food and movies.
I live for Fridays and the new episode.

If I should recommend one podcast everyone should listen to, it’s “Blueprint for Armageddon” series (cca 20 hours at 1x speed IIRC) on WW1 by Dan Carlin. It’s not free, but it’s a masterpiece.

A good book is Beneath a Scarlet Sky. It’s the true story of Pino, an Italian young man in WW2 Italy. Pino starts out working the underground railroad smuggling Jews across the Alps, is forced to enlist in the German army by his parents to keep him safe, becomes the personal driver of Hitler’s right hand in the region, and becomes a spy for the Allies.

Fascinating, heartbreaking tale.

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Hi there @wellbi ,
i have recently purchased and read both Kyle Carpenter & Dakota Meyers books.
These guys are both Medal of Honor recipients.
I have also watched the Medal of honor presentations for the following
Ed Byers, Kyle Carpenter, Ty Carter, Sal Giunta, Florent Groberg, Dakota Meyer, Leroy Petry, Ryan Pitts, David Bellavia, Michael Monsoor, Thomas Payne,
All of these guys are heroes.
We have been watching everything that has been on TV regarding the 2001 attacks and what followed etc over the last week.
Cheers Brian

Otherwise… My hobbies include automobiles. Specifically VW’S. more specifically GTI’S And air cooled bugs


Oh hell yeah :sunglasses::metal:t2:

I’ve owned lots of Golfs/Rabbits, really great cars.

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My father-in-law raced V Dub engined Speed Cars back in the day and still has a couple of big bore kits for the bug engines.
I may one day do something with them if I can.
I also always wanted a mk1 GTI . They were the bees knees of the hot hatches in my early to mid 20s

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I am a bit of a (mostly vicarious) gearhead. Though I’m not a big fan of V Dub, or German cars for that matter, I have to say that they had the two very best advertising campaigns:

My Fast:

and, the very, very best, Unpimp My Auto ads:

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Lots of different hobbies over the years. Currently, in addition to learning bass, I enjoy woodworking. I’m also an amateur radio (ham radio) operator and enjoy flight simulation. Been flying computer based sims since the early 80’s.


The latest MSFS is really, really good. Been having some fun in it; flying actual planes has been out for me for a while now, but the sim was surprisingly fun and accurate.

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I agree. Been flying mostly P3D for jetliner/VATSIM flights, but love the new MSFS for low and slow VFR flying.

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My pimped ride. 2021 mk7.5 GTI!
Best car I’ve ever owned driven.
I long to and always suggest I drive.