Phil collins root 5th and seventh if you listen to the bass and drums. in this song your timing is the high hat.i love this song for that phil is a drummer and you see that in this song!


Phil is a drummer, he says. :smile:

Phil is a drummer in the same way Jimmy Johnson is a bass player.
Phil, at the musical height of his career, was (not-arguably) one of the very few very best drummers in rock. He could play anything you threw at him, his technique was unparalleled, and his understanding of dynamics was beyond belief. Having been schooled as a jazz drummer, he was one of those few rock drummers who understood that it actually pays to, during a crescendo, not play too loud, in order to keep some reserve to create the occasional accent, while at the same time staying out of the space of the other musicians.

I know, we probably all know Phil’s drumming from Brand X, but his best playing was with Genesis, when Peter Gabriel was still doing vocals. Listen to the keyboard solo of The Cinema Show to hear what I mean. Listen how, throughout the track, as Banks builds towards the climax, Phil remains in the background, hits the skins with restraint, putting down the odd accent and leaving lots of space, and lays down a groove that swings like there is no tomorrow. This is the stuff of prog rock legends.
This is jazz drumming at its very, very best.

Phil on drums was a phenomenon, who has influenced many players during his career.


yum i can so see him waiting for jonny carson hoping to see that drummer um what was his name … fill in the blank he played Ludwig drums oh gawd help me we all play in the rhythm section ya just gotta know it!

Uh, my English is probably not good enough to adequately follow your stream-of-consciousness/punctuation-be-damned/spot-the-missing-word “constructs”, but, I, uhm, guess, you could be referring to Buddy Rich perhaps… :wink:


ding ding we have a winner folks yes phil lived for the sound of a Ludwig your awesome joe your in my top 5 and i dont mean when jimmy played hey joe you just get it man! ty for your time!

I had the same thing… I need to read that stuff three times and then I still don’t get it.

“yesterday i helped my uncle jack off a horse”

Punctuation is important. :rofl:

“Yesterday, I helped my uncle Jack off a horse.”

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Sticklers unite! (“Eats, Shoots & Leaves”) :crazy_face:

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really really i play bass English nazi i love drums and really loud sounds not punctuation marks i think your in the wrong section go to theory!

i left it open to see if anyone else other than me did this. i see you did to. i guess i should be more open. i dont express myself well but be danmed if you dont get it you dont get it!

Fair enough! We all communicate differently…

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also i was referring to jimmy hendrex when i said hey joe maybe i gave you to much credit

I know, don’t worry! I am not even a “joe”, but that is an understandable and common misunderstanding with my user name :grin:


Keep your shirt on, as I think our American brethren would say. :wink:

The thing is, you’ve now stumbled over two people for whom English is not their first language – Joerg is German, I’m Dutch. hat might cause us to have a bit more trouble reading English than the average Pennsylvanian. :wink:

I don’t mind anyone who has trouble with writing – I make enough mistakes in English as it stands. But the thing is, some of the stuff you wrote I found myself staring at for some time, and I’m still not sure if I understood it correctly.
Hence my cry for help.


oh god i feel like a fool i did not know you were not from america im so freaking sorry that as a bad mistake please forgive me for my stupidity


oh god i feel like a fool. i did not know you were not from america. i thought you were being sarcastic. please forgive my stupidity peter. im so sorry our language dont make sense to us. how would i except you to get it in a day


It’s easy to forget this forum spans many countries. One of the reasons I enjoy reading it (though I don’t post much) is getting input from our European friends. It’s fun!


The sun never sets on the BassBuzz forums :slight_smile:


No it doesn’t, and it’s no wonder why since the bass line is a universal language that everyone can understand!

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That’s actually quite true, @howard!

So far, we have members from every continent (except Africa) and I figured if anybody is playing bass at the South Pole, they would have their own website :wink: Bassbuzz Demographics (a poll)

Cheers, Joe

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Calm down! :wink:
I have to admit that I was slightly… not sarcastic, but I did deploy a little irony. :slight_smile:
Which, by the way, is a language spoken in the US in a very different manner. That’s an interesting train of thought, which I may return to later.

We don’t have to learn English in a day; we actually get to learn English in school. Unfortunately, this is a different kind of English, namely British English (Britain is where English was invented, plus it’s a lot closer to us than America, see?).

Now, normally, we get along just fine with English. But when something throws us in a loop, we start to doubt ourselves – “wait, what? did I get this right?”
And that’s what happens to me when I read your stuff. I know that this is because I can’t figure out where a sentence ends and where the next one begins… or where to insert the pauses. But I still doubt my understanding. And that’s where irony steps in. Consider it a self-protection mechanism. :wink: