Bassbuzz Demographics (a poll)

After reading through so many posts on these Forums, I am repeatedly impressed by how many of us began (or returned to) playing bass after retirement, or later in life.

We also have members from all across the globe!

I thought it might be fun (and enlightening) to get a more accurate idea of the ages and locations of our members, so why not take a few moments to tell us here. :slight_smile:

(ALL results are anonymous)

What is your current age? . . . (note: “65+” means “Older than 65”)

  • Less than 25
  • 25-35
  • 36-45
  • 46-55
  • 56-65
  • 65+

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In which continent you do currently live?

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia

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What is your experience level?

  • I have played bass before
  • I have never played bass until now

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All best, Joe


53, from the UK and never played bass before a week or so ago


Do you promise not to sell our details to Google?


I promise! :laughing:



Bassbot :robot: will record all of these details and enter them into the Skynet mainframe.

Isn’t that right Bassbot?

(@Bassbot fortune )


:crystal_ball: My reply is no


Oh great. We’re safe. :yum:


That’s exactly what Skynet would say!


Dude. So, so right.


With 18 voters so far, one voter could have a dramatic effect on the overall figures - ie I’m 65, and was presented with a choice of 56-65, or 65 plus, so there’s 2 different categories for me to choose between, so naturally I chose the one where I appear to be younger.

This isn’t a good way to collect data - the choice around my age should be either 56-65, and 66+, or 56-64 and 65+.

I’d put that right and start again if I were you @Jazzbass19

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Thank you, @Mark_D, I meant to use 66+ years . . . just a simple typo error which cannot be fixed after a poll is posted.

The more people that vote, the less impact one number will have on the data.

Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:


It will have a massive impact on the 56-65 and 65+ groups no matter how many people participate.
In fact the more 65 year olds that participate, the further out and more unreliable the results will be between those two groups.

There’s six groups there, and two of them are demonstrably unreliable - ie you have a 33.333% unreliability factor irreversibly built into your survey, by, as you put it, ‘a simple typo error’…

Thank you, @Mark_D . . . although I cannot fix the typo myself, I will contact the Admin and see if they can do it.

Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:


Are they likely to contact everyone who has voted in the 2 incorrect groups, to see who is 65 and which group they have voted in, so they can be moved to the correct group?
Probably not - which means the data between those 2 groups will be incorrect forever.

Good catch @Mark_D! Unfortunately @Jazzbass19 I can’t change the poll, it’s built into the Discourse platform to close polls after 5 minutes. I’m getting the same “how dare you” error message you are when I try to edit. Why don’t you start a new thread with your same initial post (with errors corrected), and a note that you had to reboot the thread? Then I’ll close this one.


@Jazzbass19 you need another age choice:
“70+ but still thinks and acts 30ish” :smile:


Also, “Played the bass before (badly)”


Never mind, @JoshFossgreen :slight_smile:
I’ll just edit the thread to re-word the age group.

Cheers, Joe


Problem fixed 1900 hours EST

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It still says ‘56-65’ and ‘65+’ when I look at it 0020 hours GMT
It’s your poll. If you’re happy for 33.333% of the data collected to be incorrect, what more can one say . . …