Playing bass and singing lead?


Does anyone know of any songs with a female singing lead while also playing bass?


Sheryl Crow did a lot of these. Here’s one with Eric Clapton:


Gail Anne Dorsey showing how it is done…all class under pressure.



Amazing! Thank You for this. Gail Ann Dorsey is a goddesses!


I grew up to this lady. Excellent.


Another classic, Meshell Ndegeocello -

I need to check out her solo work, I’m not really familiar but it’s probably awesome!


Janice-Marie Johnson from Taste of Honey.


This woman blows my mind.
How. Do. You. Do. This??



Ooh cool, hadn’t heard of her! I like the mix of super-gnarly-fast synth bass and the vintage-y Jazz bass pops.


Tina Weymouth!

If you’ve never seen them (or Talking Heads) live, yes, Chris Frantz really is the chattiest drummer evar :slight_smile:


There is a new Tal Wilkenfeld record out, where she apparently is also singing now (apart from playing the bass) - might be worth checking out!