Post your covers! (2019-2022)

*Most songs can be purchased from Amazon for $1.29 some are even less. I strip out the bass with a program called RX9 by Izotope. *
For grabbing music videos from YouTube, which I sometimes incorporate into my videos, I just use screengrab software. The best I’ve found is the one by Movavi.

Big thanks again Pam - and sorry for the delay in replying. Your advice sent me off down a rabbit hole trying to get everything together!

That, and when I come back to this thread, there’s always so much interesting info and covers I get distracted (in a nice way) - and so many posts it can take me a while to find my last one! (just spent an hour watching many of the covers here)

So - I have now purchased a song. I have Ableton and Audacity, tried to remove and/or suppress the bass with both. Ableton more advanced, Audacity easier to learn (I’m still a total noob to all this). Issue now is (1) volume of reduced bass track is lower, I think I can boost that but haven’t found out how to do it yet (2) the bass has almost gone, so so has the bass/kick drum! I guess the frequencies are almost the same, both being low end.

I have worked out how to record myself playing using Ableton and the Zoom U-44 you recommended (Ableton came as a free download with the U-44 so I thought may as well use and learn that!)

I have filmed myself playing along to the song, took a lot of experimenting and finding out out how to to use my camera properly with all the settings and 4K video!

Now I just need to get some software so I can capture the official music video that goes with the song.

So with music video, video of me playing, my recorded bass track, all I need is the original song with a removed or reduced bass, and I can fit them all together.

That’s my final hurdle now, how to reduce the bass without killing all the bass drum. How have you got around that one in your recordings when you stripped out the bass guitar?

Many thanks again - this is becoming a bit obsessive for me, need to get at least one song finished! As a noob, that will feel like an achievement - even it’s far from perfect.


RX9 is very good at removing the bass without meddling with the drums.

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Moises and Transcribe+ Are also great for this.


I’ve tried a lot of different things to remove bass lines, and the only sure way to do this is to actually find a copy of the actual sound recording that has a removable bass track - something I’ve not been able to find…… so, working with an equalizer to limit the main bass frequencies, is the only other way that I know of that “limits” specific bass frequencies. This said, it will also limit cross over frequencies of other instruments that cross over into that frequency.

Lowering the frequencies between 80-110Hz (depending), and allowing the frequency wave to gradually build back up to about 50-140Hz (both sides of the wave), will still keep in most all of the other cross over frequencies so that you don’t loose any of the midrange frequencies developed by other instruments yet still limit “most” of the original bass line….

There are many upper bass frequencies that cannot be removed, but by doing this, those left over bass frequencies sort of take on a new sound in that they are in a higher register making them sound more like a guitar instead of a bass. If you’re recording a cover, those notes may or may not end up in the recording depending on how you play your bass line. If you hot your bass notes exactly as the recorded version, you won’t hear the sounds left behind that sound like a guitar. If you use your own bass line, then those tones just sound like guitar notes…

Thing is, if you remove too much in order to get “all” of the bass notes and frequencies out of a song, it’s gonna sound like listening to an AM radio channel out of the dashboard speaker mounted in a 1957 Chevy Belair.

Oh, As far as apps, I stick with Transcribe! to do some of the work, bit I also use the equalizer built into my DAW (GarageBand) to handle most…

I guess about the best thing to do is to play with a few apps, tools, or whatever to get the sound that puts a smile on “Your” face and makes you happy!!:smiley::smiley:. You’ll know when it’s right…

Keep on Thumpin’!


I just recorded a version of Deck the halls - let me know what you think - been away from the forum for a while - have some catching up to do.
I got a book for piano and sax, to help me set up some duets with my son - Jr in high school who plays alto sax. I used the bass clef piano line and also added some bass solo melody into the arrangement. I have a scarlet 2/2 and a beat buddy, so I picked out a decent beat, added in the drum fills and set that up as one track. Put down the bass line, and then had my son add the sax in with a mic that I have - usually used for my bass lessons over zoom. I recorded with garageband and decided do use a fuzz effect on the bass


Nice. Love a family affair.

Would you mind repost this to the link below? We have a specific Christmas thread this year.


That’s a fun riff. Love the thumping bass line. Great job @akos


You said it! That’s nice playing. That bass got some great tone.


Finally I’ve got the chance to put some time on the Fretless project. Oh that was fun. Happy holidays y’all.


Nice playing @akos and your bass tone is great!


Wow @Al1885, great song, perfect playing with an appropriate bass tone. Love your relaxed style. Cool triplets. 5 :star: performance!


Dang @Al1885 that was awesome!
You’re making me want to try the copper nylons on my fretless now!


Very nicely done and the tone was superb! Nice mellow song. Excellent!


Thanks @thomas @JerryP

@John_E i know I want to put that on my Tobias Renegade and see how it sound. It a bit warmer than the white gold for sure. I think this one is the the brightness of the 4 La Bella.


Very nice job @Al1885 ,
Love the tone you’re getting from the fretless , worked really nicely in the mix.
Nice relaxed playing around the fretboard :sunglasses:
Cheers Brian


Thanks. @TNKA36


Hey BassBuzzers! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.
I returned to NJ last week and realized I had hadn’t played the Hofner for a while. I went to Constantine’s website and grabbed a couple of Beatles tunes to try out. Here is the first one with (hopefully) a second one the way before I have to get on the road again. I hope you enjoy it and as always comments and critiques are welcome.


Very nice @JerryP. I covered this song a few months ago along with the drum part, but you definitely played it more smoothly than I did, and with the correct tone to boot.


Tone :+1:
Playing :ok_hand:
Groove :pray:

Total :100:


Thanks @sfadams ! It is one of my all time favorite Beatles songs, so I really wanted to try it.