Post your covers! (2024)

Hi dear BassBuzz-Family :hugs:

I wish y’all a happy new year. I’ve just prepared my first Bass Cover for this year and created this thread in the same tradition as the past year’s “Post your covers!”-topics.

To start with, I quote the words of @terb in the previous’ year so that y’all have the same introductory concepts again here. And to all new cover-whelps in the BassBuzz-Cover-Pack: Welcome :hugs: it’s great to see your great efforts in covering your loved songs.

Now, here’s @terb words:

Wish y’all the Bass :hugs:


And here’s my cover to my favourite song.
The Sheet music and Bass Tabs are arranged by myself. Feel free to play along with them. I’d be glad to see bassists playing the song and feeling the spirit of healing it gives.

Wish y’all the Bass and a happy, happy, happy new year🤗


Ah beat me to the first cover of 2024 @DLiqacy

This number jumped onto my playlist a couple of days ago and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head: Turning Japanese by The Vapours. This was a big hit back in 1980 and AFAIK the band were written off as one-hit wonders. It’s worth checking out the album though, as there are some great songs on there and the bass sounds :ok_hand:

The chords are pretty much the same as in The Pleasure and the Pain by the Damned, so I kind of recycled the fills :slight_smile: For example, walking up to the octave when doing the turnaround :slight_smile:

The recording was really easy - just the Rick straight into the interface - no production magic required!

Anyway Happy New Year 2024 everyone!


Awesome playing @DLiqacy ! Happy New Year!


Another oldie I haven’t heard in a long time. Great job Ed! Happy New Year!


Thanks @JerryP and a happy New Year to you too! We always play the golden oldies here on radio Ed :grin::grin:


The yearly counts of the 2023 covers is here : Post your covers! (2023) - #2997 by terb



Ended 2023 with my “starter” Yamaha trbx174. And bringing in the new year with a new Fender Jazz. The first song of 2024 I wanted to do was something that challenged me on octaves since in the b2b course that was something that I really struggled with outside of the slapping module. This one was very satisfying to learn and really fun to play.
Muse - Supermassive Black Hole


Had my like in the first 30 seconds! :ok_hand:


Edit: Posted it in the wrong year!

A little something for one of our newer forum members @GJames. Not one but two times the Welshness in this cover. It’s a super duper deal!

Also for @gabe a standard Mexican P Bass pickup with flats for reference (plus some practice).

Written by Randy Newman, it’s probably most famous as a Three Dog Night song.

As they say in Llandow, ciao for now

Tom Jones and Stereophonics - Mama Told Me Not to Come

I started playing Bass in Nov 2020. app to remove the original Richard Jones bass line and overdub mine.

Signal Chain:
Origin Effects Cali 76
HX One
Ampeg SGT-DI
DAI - Focusrite Scarlett Solo
Amplitube 5 (Cab sim)
MIM Fender P Bass
GHS Precision Flats


Awesome playing and finger stretching! Well done!


Well done @DLiqacy

A bit high in the mix but played well.

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Man, Barney that was great! I never heard this version with Tom Jones; very enjoyable! Another hit as usual.


Some fast moving fingers there @Ed
Great job on a great tune!


Dang good job @BumbleJazz
sweet groove.


Oh I love me some Tom Jones.
He was my mom’s fav, and I really really dig him too, and his later stuff like this just shows even more how awesome he is.
Saw him in Vegas (where else should one see Tom Jones??) - amazing.

Damn great job @Barney
nice groove


Being New Year’s Day, I figured what better song to play than U2’s song of the same name. I wanted to post it today, but it would have been better with a bit more practice as there are some oopses. Anyway, enjoy!

U2 - New Year’s Day


Nice :ok_hand:
Sire bass too I see :face_with_monocle: I approve :+1: lol


Thanks! I really like this P5R, so much so that I recently added the V3 as well. I don’t have a ton of experience to draw on with basses, but they seem to be a lot of bang for the buck.

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Thanks for posting this Barney!

Sounds awesome!