Post your original songs/compositions!

I like it! It builds nicely.


I have been thinking about initiating something like that for a while… it would be like having a virtual band! There is something like that called Bandlab on the internet, but it would be cool to try this idea first in here, in a more , uhm, protected environment :smile:

Could be a really neat project…


Bandlab coincidentally bought Cakewalk Sonar, and you can download it for free if you sign up for Bandlab.


I’m on Bandlab and have messed with it a bit. It’s good for what it is. If you want to construct a song using sheet music or tab, then I’d recommend Both are great though, just depends on how you want to approach the song.


I’ve finally been able to listen to it to the end, I like it ! nice ambiance !


@joergkutter I would to do a virtual band! Shoot me a message and let try to make it happen.

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Thanks for the kind comments @terb @howard @lee_editorial !

I realized I really enjoy making beats but harmony and melody are like… sorcery!

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It’s moody, like a song by The Cure.

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I’m a-double dippin’!!

Hope my bass family can take a second post. Here’s a song I wrote, and was the first tune that grew into a new band. Now I’ve got a group of buddies and we can go around and play original, instrumental funky jams with plenty of improvisation, and all of this makes me such a happy musician.

I also made the video.
I’m a free-lance illustrator and hopeful kids-picture-book-author in addition to playing music. I stole every moment I could (usually after the family was asleep) for about 5 months to draw and animate the video.
I’m real, real happy with how it all came out.


all this with a french title :grin:

love it, the animation is really impressive ! also the colors are pretty smooth, which I like a lot. and anyway a cardboard interstellar fight is not something common.


Ha! That’s right. For you @terb!
You French folk have some terrific exports.


Oh, wow, that is just gorgeous artwork and animation - I can totally see you become a successful writer/artist for children’s books… it takes this ability to imagine things that most adults don’t allow themselves to imagine anymore (“it’s just too crazy”, “it doesn’t make sense”, “that can’t be done”, etc).

Oh, and the music… I… I don’t even know you, but somehow I wouldn’t have thought that was your kind of music… so, my apologies for falling into that trap pf pigeon-holing people again… it’s perfect in connection with the animation, it’s quirky, it’s silly… and it’s beautiful!


Happy to say it again, everything about that production is super awesome.


Pain Au Chocolat

Bravo Gio!!! Really impressive work- music/concept/animation, the whole package. I’ve been a video editor for 30 years so I know how much work can go into something like this. Not sure of your background, but if you have not made it to where you want to be yet, just keep creating stuff like this sir, you are on your way. Too many details to list, but I absolutely love how the band turns their heads in unison wearing the space helmets. Great concept of space pirates in a scorpion craft, complete with rock collisions timed perfectly to the beat. Not sure how long you’ve played bass- but loved the music as well, really a fun tune! Phil


Thanks a ton Lee!
I really appreciate the kind words.


That is freakin’ amazing!!!
Love everything about it.

Also that bass line is as tasty as french pastry.


In retrospect, this actually made me think of something that one of my favorite bands, Pinback created a few years ago. They were commissioned to come up with some opening theme music for a kids TV show. (which was very weird because their music is typically not very kid-like)

But after revisiting this Pinback song again, your creation has the same feel-good imagination inspiring result that this earlier piece had. (and probably cost several thousand dollars to produce, so what you achieved is even more amazing considering the lack of real budget!)

Thanks tons!

I love this. Calling people back to kid-like-imagination-land is my mission in life. Glad it’s kind-a working!


I guess I’ll post something since I keep telling other people to and haven’t myself…

I’ve been working on writing a song. Only second song I’ve written and the first was 20 years ago on top of a guitar part. This one is out of thin air. It’s very hard to come up with something without any other instrument involved. I also am trying to make it something that a guitarist can play over and not solo. I’ve done LOTS of variations of this… some slower or with less notes… different rhythm’s… etc. but the core is pretty similar. At the minute it is really just two riffs repeated and alternated, but I need to turn this into an actual song, which is what I’m trying to work through…

First time I’ve recorded myself on video like this and already see some things to improve on. For example, my fingers are angling a lot, which is because I’m not really sliding my hand. Plenty of other things to work on as well… I do look mega grumpy, but that’s just my concentrating face. :upside_down_face:

BTW, this was just recorded with my phone… nothing else… but I think it sounds OK for this purpose. Looking to get some decent recording stuff in a month or two. Also, this is just the passive amp through a Rumble 40 straight. No pedals or anything.

Open to constructive criticism and any songwriting tips!

I also have no idea what key this is in, but the guitarist keeps asking me.


I think you are on the right track! Potentially, you should think a about a C part (you’ve got A and B), like a bridge that breaks up the “monotony” of A-B-A-B-… Many rock and pop songs use bridges - here, you could even consider getting away from the eighth note chugging and have longer sustained notes for a break (where, e.g., the drums could provide some fills). This’ll make it all the more interesting once you pick up the chugging again for the next A part.

First guess would be “B”, but I guess you are well aware of the discussion we had here: What key is this in? and how “important” (or not) the tonality is for a rock song… :smile: